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Hey my conservative friends scoot up to your computer and let’s have a talk like we used to, without referring to all the Washington talking points. Remember how we used to tease each other when you said “Democrats like to tax and spend,” and I would counter by saying "Republicans raise fees and spend"?

These days we can’t even talk because you think I’m a socialist and I believe you are supporting policies that make it harder to vote and this morning I heard that 90% of local republicans believe the election was stolen. I have to believe that because that’s what I heard the local GOP chairman, Bill Pozzi say on his radio show.

Come on now, if I were to approach you six months after the presidential election and say I want a fly-by-night company called Cyber Ninja, whose owner was a known conspiracy terrorist, to audit 2.1 million votes, would you say “sure go ahead.”  Especially since elected officials already validated a partial recount and the Republican Governor Doug Ducey certified the votes. Two other audits confirmed no issues. Actions like this are what plant the seed of distrust. I know you would openly laugh in my face if I told you that the company would be looking for bamboo fibers in the ballots trying to validate their conspiracy that South Korea delivered counterfeit ballots to the Phoenix airport. I would probably laugh with you. If you believe that company will turn up fraud, how can we ever strike up a serious discussion? WE won’t even discuss that the company is checking for watermarks because that’s a QAnon follower's theory that Trump secretly watermarked mail ballots to catch cheating. I wouldn’t expect you to believe me so I would give you the link to the AP story written by JONATHAN J. COOPER and BOB CHRISTIE May 10, 2021.

I am still reeling from the “hanging chads” from Broward County Florida in 2002, so I’m not saying we have a fail-proof system. There is no evidence of wide-scale fraud. Trump came in hollering “rigged election” thinking he would lose the 2016 presidential election. He did the same thing prior to the 2020 election. Remember the election fraud commission he started because he believed people were bused in from Boston to vote in New Hampshire. His gigantic ego refused to believe he lost the national popular vote to Hillary so he made up the story that non-citizens voted in California. So now every time a Republican loses, they are going to cry “election fraud.”

Today, Kevin McCarthy said, “I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election.” Huh! Liz Cheney was ousted from leadership because she didn’t question the legitimacy of the presidential election like the Trump loyalists. Stay tuned, McCarthy will be summoned to Mar-a-Lago where he will be reprogrammed.

My local conservative friends, when Trump said George W. Bush was responsible for 9/11, you said nothing. Then when he trashed John McCain for being a POW, you still remained silent. Now, you are saying that Liz Cheney who has a 98% grade from Heritage Action is not a conservative! Why don’t you call your ideology Trumpism? That’s what it is.

Instead of a voice vote, why didn’t Republicans stand to be counted on their convictions? Is it because too many members of your party know Joe Biden won fair and square but are afraid their constituents will find out?

Hypocrisy is a word overused in politics because just about everything is predictable. For example, the right wants military action for what a criminal Russian group called Darkside did to the Colonial pipeline. They said President Trump would not have tolerated it. I’m shaking my head thinking how forgetful they are. Do they not remember Helsinki? Remember that 2018 Summit when Trump contradicted our intelligence forces and said Putin had no reason to meddle in the vote? I don’t know if my conservative friends are that forgetful or their selective memory helps them sell their propaganda.

The other day a dear friend told me, “you have to admit Trump gave us a good economy.” I told him that we read the same numbers and yes, Trump presided over a good economy for three years but he also inherited a growing economy. He didn’t want to hear that he neglected the pandemic three months prior to the 2020 election and three months after by disbanding the task force, refusing to take charge, and refusing to cooperate with the new incoming administration. That brought the country to a halt. Historians and economists will sort that out.

I don’t know but I think we would have had several committee hearings if Biden supporters were being jailed for attacking our nation’s Capitol.                                     

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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C Droost

Hmmm ... revisiting the Cheney ouster a bit here. Like you said, maybe McCarthy held a voice vote because the Republicans were afraid their constituents would find out how they voted. Maybe. But maybe McCarthy held a voice vote because he was just plain old afraid of holding a secret ballot like was expected. After all ... maybe with a secret ballot, Cheney wouldn’t have been ousted at all. Hmmm ...

Rick Dockery

Biden= Jimmy Carter 2.0 sans morals

Allen T Coffey

Beware the fallacy of the good'ol days. We can vouch for them being old, but good is another question all together.

Glen or Janice Ullman

I miss the old days too. I like to tell my gop friends if you can’t be factual you need to at least be funny. Good read Mike, thanks.

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