I always think I am over the daily ad hominem attacks but as the scene from the “Godfather” when Michael Corleone said, “Just when I thought I was out ... they pull me back in.” The only difference, I voluntarily subject myself to tribal disputes. It’s not a weak moment that I can blame on COVID-19.

Just recently, I heard two phrases being mentioned that got my attention; the first was Rahm Emanuel’s “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Rahm’s enemies took him to task saying that he wanted to take advantage of the 2008 financial crisis to push through a liberal wish list. They left out the second part “It’s an opportunity to do the things you once thought was impossible.” The House knew their request for a stimulus at a trillion dollars or more would be easily ridiculed. So, they passed a $787 billion package without a single GOP, which was later revised to $831 billion. I used to laugh when republicans like Paul Ryan would take a photo op in front of a sign reading “This project is brought to you [ insert lawmakers name] as part of the recovery act.  Raise your hand if you think a mere trillion dollars would help us get us out of our current crisis. Thought so.

The other phrase was “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” A writer of a column in our local newspaper thinks that phrase means to get back to normal as fast as we can. Normally, I would agree and go on but after seeing the words “Wuhan virus and Chinese virus” I knew it was just another political divide that was going to lead to a pat on the back for GOP leaders and condemnation of governors of blue states, who are delaying starting up, as a ploy against their beloved President Donald J. Trump. I didn’t understand why Governor Abbott was praised because all he did was issue an unenforceable policy. In fact, our own indicted attorney general mocked a judge for enforcing the governor’s order.

Getting back to “Never let a good crisis go to waste” Mr. Emanuel is saying the same thing today. He recently said that instead of sending out unemployment checks for staying home, why not train the unemployed for the jobs that are not coming back, such as mall retail.  He mentioned cybersecurity and computer coding. Starting a cold war with China is not going to solve anything; it will just make things worse.

I know we will come out of this crisis but I hope we take advantage of this outage to rethink our path forward. India and Los Angeles and other countries and cities that went into full- lockdown are now seeing the benefits of less carbon in their air. The smog has lifted in Mumbai and Los Angles. There you are climate change skeptics; the proof is in the pudding. Unfortunately, our president is still pushing for a cheap oil and coal economy. A serious gradual transition should be part of our startup plan. This is phase one, the fall might generate a worse pandemic. One might fairly blame the three previous administrations for not preparing but if we don’t prepare for the next sure pandemic; the onus will be on the Trump administration.

I’m very happy we still have many capable people working on a vaccine and a cure for COVID-19 but I’m not seeing a united Congress and private sector preparing us for a future economy.

A local poster tried to school me about the world of politics. He was describing what I already knew. In short, he was describing tribalism, labels, and boogiemen. At least he didn’t tell me how socialism in the Democratic Party is the root of all evil. Not that I don’t think he believes that. He didn’t insert the old CNN, MSNBC, and abortion but I believe he wanted to. It’s all part of the playbook.

The above paragraph is a short description of today’s partisan politics of which I left out the everyday Trump-bashing by my side. Both are counterproductive but that’s what it has come to.

I would like for those on my side to pull up a chair and cover your monitor so the opposition won’t inform Trump that we are not going to be fooled this time around.

 We are being played and yesterday’s news should have sounded the alarm, even for those who are not keeping up. I know it’s frustrating but we are not dealing with a conventional politician or campaign. Brad Parscale, Tump’s campaign manager, is pulling out all the stops in getting Trump re-elected and this pandemic is secondary.

Mr. Pascale knows the virus and economic numbers are not good today and there is an excellent chance they won’t be in November. He is currently running a deflection and a circle the wagons campaign to counter the bad news and installing a “yes men” administration. A spike in coronavirus patients after re-opening, no problem, announce that they are starting a new “warp speed” vaccine crew “and that you are starting an Obamagate investigation. The next day send your attorney general out to say the justice department is no longer charging Michael Flynn and while then to top it off announce that the justice department will also drop its case two Russian entities Mueller indicted. A few days later Barr said it is unlikely the justice department will investigate Biden or Obama.

It’s a lot to grasp for Trump supporters because they just changed their mind about hydroxychloroquine being a cure for Covid-19 but now the the president said he has been using it as a preventive, for over a week and his doctor approved. They will never call Trump a liar, so now they have to search for those talking pints they had a few weeks ago.

This is a distraction and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more to prevent the firing of the State Department IG who was investigating Sec Mike Pompeo from being a week’s worth of breaking news. The secretary said he didn’t know he was being investigated, I guess we are to believe after three years, the Obama holdover has to go for no apparent reason. I don’t expect the GOP controlled Senate will hold hearings but perhaps the House can ask why Pompeo won’t release the details of why he went around Congress to sell arms to Saudi Arabia. President Trump thinks it’s ok for a department head to have a state department official, walk Mike’s dog and while he is at it, pick up his laundry. Not surprising since they are now condoning Flynn lying to the FBI. Just more swampy things.

I don’t know about you but I am going to keep my eye on the important things and do my level best in informing anyone who will pay attention.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. Remember these are my views and not the Advocate nor those of the Democratic Party.

Stay safe.  

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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