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I’m old enough to say that “if you wait long enough…it’ll come right back to you.” There are variations, for example, a football lineman used to say about Barry Sanders’s illusiveness “instead of chasing him and falling flat on my face, I’ll wait right here for him.” I’m fond of saying “this is not new; we just changed the names of the players.”

I was amused when I heard that President Trump was threatening Twitter because they are now fact-checking him. It doesn’t take a genius to know the FCC can’t enforce the unlawful order, it would have to be done at the state or federal level. I know it’s just bluster and the president’s way of retaliating against a media source. It worked because it made breaking news with experts telling us that he can’t do that and Mark Zuckerberg sticking up for Facebook’s free speech policy which is different from Twitters. Yesterday, we approached 100,000 deaths and this was the hourly breaking news.

I remember back in the day, BCC (before Chris Cobler) sometimes a letter-to-the-editor would have a disclaimer attached. The disclaimer warned of potential misinformation contained in the letter and directed us to a more reliable source. It was the initial days of online comments where two representatives of the Victoria Advocate would take part in the day-to-day dialogue. It’s a good thing their views were in line with mine at the time.

 I was happy with the system but then the letters dwindled and so did the comments. That’s too bad because the letters used to be a source of intellectual dialogues between people who knew what they were talking about. I was in awe and often too scared to comment because they would quickly sense that I was in way over my head. I used that time to read several newspapers, books, and articles so I could at least ask a question.

The Victoria Advocate let us create our own blogs and we took our confirmation bias with us to conduct our daily battles.  I was a keyboard warrior with an assumed name of “Mike” and the Democrat donkey was my avatar.

Then the Advocate went to a Facebook format requiring a real name, so I took my leave for about a year. When I came back, I measured my comments and sourced my content because now my name and reputation would become the face of my blog. Good or bad.

Today, it’s wearing a  mask or not to mask; yesterday, it was seat belts, smoking in restaurants, and climate change. I can’t believe climate change is still a controversy. I’ll continue to wear my mask when I go out but if you aren’t, don’t take offense if I distance myself. I’ll quietly leave if I go into an establishment that I deem unsafe. I’m not to get in an online cage match with someone calling me a sheeple for wearing a mask because they think not wearing one, makes them a critical thinker.

I want to get back to one of two of the president’s tweets that were flagged with a fact-checking disclaimer. I think Twitter was right but it was too little too late.

Voter fraud has been debunked at all levels; it is minuscule if at all. Don’t tell me about two incidents over the course of fifty years and I won’t counter with the GOP operative in North Carolina facing felony charges of ballot fraud in the 2018 congressional election.

I’ve been a huge fan of mail-in voting for 10-years. I would get my ballot with the contestant’s names and issues to vote on. I used to just blacken in the Democrat circle and stamped, signed, and mailed it. This year I will have to scroll a little bit but I’ll come to the same result. I wish the local elections didn’t have a party affiliation. I’ve met a lot of republicans who I would have voted for. Save the lecture, the GOP has been straight party ticket voting for years. That was proven when Ted Cruz got just about the exact number of votes that Governor Abbott received.  

I want voting to be easier and mail-in does that. I’m open to online voting as well. We need to get at least 75% participation in all elections, so we don’t have to rely on polls of what the majority wants.

As I am finishing, Trump just signed an executive order calling for the punishment of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, if they police their content. Trump thinks he is stopping political bias but it’s just suppressing opposition free speech.

What happened to the free market and laissez-faire GOP/libertarians? I guess we are different from North Korea, China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia because we have two other branches of government that can ignore or overturn this. But how different are we? I know if President Obama would have issued the same executive order, Republicans would have been on every network every hour- on- the- hour, foaming at the mouth. Senator Lindsey Graham would be summoning the Senators for an emergency hearing. I seriously doubt our local representative will ever mention it.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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(6) comments

Mike Gomez

Thanks Dan......Not sure on how it sits with anyone,news is not covering it much and it looks like a “wait and see” approach.

Rick Dockery

I enjoyed your blog. I agree, I do not understand why local candidates have to declare a party. It makes primaries too important. The government has no right to censor speech. However, since the social media platforms are private (which I do not use) they can censor how they wish. We can choose to use them or not. The Republican I respect would be Rand Paul. That’s probably about it. We do have a decent libertarian presidential candidate this year. I encourage those to at least check her positions out, even if you end up disagreeing 100%. I disagreed with about everything Sanders stood for, but respect him for staying true to his beliefs. I thing nominating Biden is a huge mistake. We shall see. Thanks Mike

Mike Gomez

Thanks for reading Rick

I mentioned the wish for local candidates not having a political affiliation came into play this past election. Several of friends wanted a say on who our sheriff and county tax assessor would be but we didn’t vote in the GOP primary and be on their mailing list. Petty? Probably so.

I assume you are talking about Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act...That’s not really about censorship,it’s more about protecting social media giants from being sued for the content they host. Trump was angry because of the “ fact-checking” tag that was attached to two of his posts. I agree,no censorship.I use Twitter but I scroll past the items I don’t want to see.

Not that it matters but I don’t like libertarianism nor Ron or Rand Paul. I do believe government has a role to play and we can argue of how much.

I have never respected Bernie Sanders, especially when he stands steadfast in his beliefs and doesn’t leave any room for compromise. I think we all evolve at some point and we can’t have everything we want. I like the ol Ronald Reagan quote “ I’ll settle for 80% today and come and fight for the other 20% tomorrow.” I have never like Bernie’s policies.

Joe Biden is the presumptive nominee but that came from actual primary votes;not some sort of coronation. He was the overwhelming choice and current polls show he is the right choice.

Daniel Martin

Well done Mike. I have no data to back it up but my gut tells me Trump’s latest attack on China will not sit well with “on the edge” Republicans. Considering the tension over the South China Sea and those nations in the area this could turn sour quickly. North Korea, Phillppines, Japan and Taiwan could get jumpy.

Glen or Janice Ullman

Mike, I’m with you all the way. It all just makes me wonder, what would it actually take before the GOP stood up and held Trump accountable?

I’m also with you on the straight ticket vote. I refuse to cast a republican vote unless that person has publicly denounced Trump for his actions, and that’s likely not to happen around here....Glen

Mike Gomez


,That’s a good question and we just might be finding the answer. The right leaning conservative Rasmussen poll has Trump at 42% approval. Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is leading Senator Cory Gardner by 18-pts. several other GOP Senators are vulnerable. I’m thinking if Trump drops to 38% approval,the dominoes will start to fall.

Unemployment benefits will run out in July, voters want a path forward not the latest tweet about Obamagate, Joe Scarborough,or who ever irritates the president.

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