It’s been a while but it’s not because there wasn’t anything to write about, quite the contrary. Every day is a breaking news day.

I don’t know anyone that even resembles a left-leaning local radio talk show host in Victoria. There are no shortages of Libertarian/Republican shock jocks who are willing to engage in Biden, Harris, Democrat, and liberal bashing as early as 6:15 a.m. and throughout the day.  More power to them, they pony up the money and have the willing advertisers and red meat listeners. That is not our cup of tea.

I’ve been commenting a lot on the Victoria Crossroads articles. Perhaps too much. I noticed a pattern, a lot of the comments from the right centered on the site featuring articles reposted from CNN. They said it was a deliberate act of divisiveness. Never mind the fact that every article Crossroads reposted appears in every major newspaper, almost word-for-word. I think all they want to see is animal rescue stories and the like. I also think those people reacted to the boogieman CNN and never bothered to read the article.

Every year or so I had to clarify that the views I hold are my own and I do not speak for the local, state, or national Democratic Party. I have not read the DNC platform nor do I know many Dems that have. It’s a guideline that’s updated every four years by the delegates attending the DNC. I’m pretty sure every Dem knows where the party stands on climate change, immigration, social issues, and foreign policy. We are not monolithic, so we have our differences on how to achieve our goals. We have the establishment, moderates, progressives, and those who fit well in all three groups. I like to call myself a Barrack Obama Democrat.

I recently fell off the wagon because I promised myself that I would be content to post my views on Facebook, Twitter, and my blog. I convinced myself that commenting online would not be a productive use of my time. Here is why: 1. My opponents will not consider or read the sources I post; they will automatically label them left-wing propaganda. 2. My opponents only post anecdotal evidence or none at all. 3. I refuse to engage with someone who believes the “Big Lie” or believes the insurrectionists were patriots. 4. I also refuse to engage with conspiracy theorists. I don’t pretend to be perfect and at times I am wrong and have no problem saying so, but I will never purposely deceive anyone.

All presidents from the opposite party will be demonized by the opposing party; that’s just the way we roll. The closest we have been united was after 9/11 when President George W. Bush had 95% approval. It didn’t last long. It only lasted until the invasion of Iraq. Right now, 51% is considered to have the consensus of the nation.

We don’t have a clearinghouse for the truth and social media will keep it that way. We no longer have an arbitrator. Right now, some think the FDA, CDC, and Dr. Fauci are all just tools of the left. There is no evidence in the world that will change their mind. Tucker Carlson will see to that. It’s always left-right, blue or red. Yes, the mainstream media plays a role. MSM will show us a poll showing red states preferring NASCAR and blue states preferring baseball or reds states preferring beer and blue states wine.

I have noticed that a lot of people on the right do not like race being mentioned saying it’s too decisive but they constantly post their southern open border myths thinking that is OK.

I am an unabashed bias Obama Democrat and I too am hardheaded when it comes to vaccines. I am totally vaccinated and am looking forward to my booster. It’s not because of Joe Biden; it’s because I’m selfish and don’t want to die. I consult with my doctor after I read something pro or con about the vaccine. Sure, the CDC says I won’t have to go to the hospital and I believe that but if I do, who knows what will happen.

I’ve always looked forward to attending a weekly breakfast with my totally vaccinated buddies but until I see the new cases going down or more people being totally vaccinated, I’m giving that up. That makes me angry, why should a small group of stubborn people prevent us from returning to some sort of normalcy?

Make the vaccination mandatory. It’s not like it’s something new. We’ve tolerated the few hesitators based on their definition of freedom long enough. We’ve seen the new cases continuing to rise and now our children and grandchildren are being infected. We would not have had civil rights without a government nudge and companies would have never policed themselves without the EPA. Some people have a legitimate reason for not getting the vaccine I get that but we can get to the 75% totally vaccinated without them.

Several questions have been asked about when will we get back to some sort of normalcy where politics is not the dominant subject. I don’t have the answer but I don’t expect it to be anytime soon. As long as we only have two major parties people have to pick a side or they won’t be recognized. Ask the Libertarians or Green Party. You can’t expect third-party candidates to win an election the way our Electoral College system is set up. Get rid of it, you say, good luck in getting rid of a constitutional amendment.

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Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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James Chandler

I wish had more time this morning to rebut all the points of your "confirmation bias support group". It is an interesting method to prove your point though: "excessive bias is the problem, just look at us".

A few points that are very incorrect caught my attention. The laws concerning Civil Rights guaranteed peoples' freedom, it didn't take it away. The EPA regulations were laws implemented by elected officials and implemented by the EPA. These laws also mainly impacted business activities and not the rights of individuals. The vaccine mandate is a circumvention of every thing this country is based on. Why doesn't President Biden issue an Executive Order to send all the unvaccinated to internment camps like FDR did to Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor? That is no more unconstitutional than using government agencies to extort American citizens into getting a vaccine they don't want. If all your group does not see that, you don't have confirmation bias, you have confirmation blindness.

Mike Gomez

Thank you for taking a little time to respond Mr. Chandler.

I don’t know what to make of your “confirmation support group” because I’m a lone wolf. I do belong to the local Dem Club but we haven’t met in over a year.

I’ll ignore the word “guaranteed” in your description of the Civil Voting and Rights Act because it certainly didn’t. Anyway, poor wording on my part perhaps but I was trying to say that people don’t always comply just because it’s the right thing to do or if you say “pretty please” sometimes it needs a government nudge.

In my discussions with conservatives, they seem to think that freedom only applies to them. I like the old saying “your freedom stops at the tip of my nose.” e.g. smoking in restaurants.

This country was built on a vaccine mandate when George Washington ordered his troops for smallpox. “As the United States took off, so did vaccine mandates that were far more forceful than anything Biden is doing. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, officials went door-to-door inoculating people by force.

A pastor named Henning Jacobson sued, claiming the freedom to not be vaccinated. In 1905, the Supreme Court ruled against him 7 to 2 – setting the legal precedent that the government in the United States has the right to mandate vaccines in the interest of public health.

Justice John Marshall Harlan wrote the U.S. Constitution does not give people the freedom to disregard health measures when doing so may harm others.

Opponents like Charles Michael Higgins raged, protested, and spread false claims about vaccines in groups like the ‘Anti-Vaccination League of America.’ It faded after he died, and when future crises came along, like polio and measles, vaccine mandates did not face much resistance…

Btw SCOTUS stated that freedom was not absolute and the exercise of the sates power of police power to protect the public health and safety of its citizens was legitimate.

The Biden Administration is not relying on the SCOTUS ruling but instead is enforcing the workplace safety and health regulations of OSHA: 53% of our population is already fully vaccinated so this applies to employees who work for a company that has 100+ employees. Those employees do not have to take the vaccine if they have a medical reason or take a weekly Covid test. Since Pfizer got approved by the FDA, companies are already mandating vaccines and many are happy the government stepped in. Next in line will be health insurance companies.

If you think the right is upset now, wait until Halloween when Pfizer gets full approval for the 5-11 children vaccine. San Francisco mandated all school children age 12 up to be vaccinated…Surprise, surprise not one Covid case as of yet.

Glen or Janice Ullman

I love the way you roll Mike, and so does Bill Pozzi, he said so this morning after your call…lol. Bill is a rare exception to the Tokyo Roses of R.W. Radio that we all have come to know, but he still politely goes back to praising Trump and reciting his malarky. Radio is perfect for what they are trying to sell. They always have the last word and they can step over your voice to silence anything they disagree with. A perfect medium for broadcasting RW malarky. My Dad used that word a lot when I was a kid, and I like it that Biden uses it too. Speaking of breakfast meeting, have you guys considered breakfast in the park? Bring your own tacos and coffee….Glen

Mike Gomez

I like the Bill Pozzi show Because he gives me an opportunity to state my views without Interruption and doesn’t resort to name- calling. I also realize that he’s got to feed the red meat to his audience are they will quit listening. I quit listening as often because of the conspiracy theory and silly hypotheticals but I heard Emett Alvarez was going to be guest host , I certainly was not going to miss that.. …My buddies are still having their breakfast club meetings, I’m probably the only scaredy-cat who doesn’t attend. There hard to three times when I got dressed to go but then I chickened out at the last minute. I think I’m going back in one or two weeks because I miss those guys. We might not agree on all the issues at breakfast but no one leaves in anger and we always smile and wish everyone a nice day. Let’s get back to that.

Mike Gomez

Thanks Rick

Rick Dockery

Please don't stop commenting and good take on the vaccine. Take care

Daniel Martin

I consider myself to be a “Harry Truman Democrat” because my father hated him and my grandfather did not….Grandpa was right.

In my mind all of out political parties are fractured several ways. In our Democratic Party we have a broad path to improve our standard of living and build a solid foundation for our nation’s future. But fringe groups have issues with the size shovel used to build a new road. The GOP suffers from a mania that Dr. Pill can’t fix. Even those that try to inch back into the light of day they retreat from the fangs and foaming mouths of Trump supporters. Or as the responsible voter calls them “Domestic Terrorist insurgents”.

The more I conjugate over the current insanity infecting civilization (?) the more I believe to salvage mankind we really gotta find a new Monolith…..soon.

Until then we will just listen to your wisdom. Great blog old friend.

Mike Gomez

About 10 or 12 years ago the Advocate had good discussions about the issues. When a poster corrected me using a science journal or a reputable news source I would say “ I stand corrected.” It’s rare having a serious debate over an issue because it usually turns into a soundbite battle. Confirmation bias has won out. You saw it for yourself ,We saw the recounts, audits and 60 court cases thrown out but that is not enough. Video footage of the insurrection is not enough. Smh

C Droost

I miss good, honest, give-and-take discussions too. But you’re right. We’re now living in a constant confirmation bias world. Kind of like thinking that if you yell often enough and loud enough, what you’re saying becomes the truth. A former student of mine yelling “I don’t cheat!” over and over again (first behind a closed door, which he subsequently slammed on his exit, then in the classroom, and finally, down the hall) comes to mind. Still, he and the four other students involved in copying homework all got zero’s on that assignment. Note: the other four (including the one who actually did the A-level work and gave it to the others) all quietly took their papers and walked away with their heads down. They also all completed the course with B’s and an A. The yeller squeaked with a D. I’m sure there’s nothing in this world that would ever convince the yeller to admit his lie. I don’t think there’s anything to convince so many now of their lies either. How sad.

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