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Saturday night I made the mistake of reposting a Joe Lockhart tweet that turned out to be a FAKE Donald Trump tweet. The 2018 tweet quoted Trump calling Tammie Duckworth “Lt.  No legs” and I stated that it was a new low for Trump. The fact that I reposted a tweet from a former Democrat consultant with a blue checkmark next to his name is not an excuse. I apologized on my timeline and the group where I reposted.  That’s on me.

I can’t say I was surprised but I can say it was uplifting when Facebook friends and Democrats from the group I reposted to, called out the fake tweet. One of the posters produced a link to the Real Clear Politics Donald Trump tweet archives.

It is my opinion that President Trump did say the disparaging words attributed to him in a hissy fit sort of way. It won’t reflect his 43.2% approval rating because both sides are firmly implanted.

The media thought Trump mocking the cripple reporter in 2016 was sure doomsday for his campaign but it went to let’s see. He mocked John McCain’s POW status and the media started writing the obituary but they never factored in Trumps’ own words he said on January 23,  2016  “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody” and not “lose any voters.”

I believe he said those words because it fits his character. I don’t think he wanted to go to the event and John Kelly and other advisers told him that the media would vilify him if he didn’t attend. If he thought it would have benefitted him, he would be center stage. Rather than inject my opinion, I know this to be a fact: John Kelly attended in the president’s place and other world leaders attended. I don’t believe the Editor-in-Chief of the Atlantic, Jeffery Goldberg would risk his reputation. Mr. Goldberg knows the identity of his anonymous source and so does the other creditable news organization that reprinted the Atlantic story. They accepted the evidence the source produced. Yes, but the president says he has 15 sources who collaborate his side of the story. Thing is, he knows there will not be hearing and no one will be put under oath.

Ever since the year 2000, a person who criticizes the current president must have a deranged syndrome.  I guess that’s supposed to inoculate the president in office, I heard it used with George W, Bush, Obama and , now Trump. I’ve been accused of saying “everything is trump’s fault” but I won’t fall for that “when was the last time you beat your wife trap.” That’s not to say I don’t know people who are 24/7 criticizers. I also knew people who were 24/7 Obama criticizers. It’s not really an apple to oranges because Obama was not in our face every day and he was affectionally known as “no drama Obama” whereas its” breaking news” if Trump is not in our face. Like all the **wink wink* impromptu news conferences that break into another campaign speech.

I’m glad I’m not a trump supporter having to defend his lies. I know Trump’s decision to ban travel from China during the pandemic was not a masterful plan. It is well known that 11 airlines were already restricting flights to China and 34 other countries had banned China before us. We continued to allow Chinese-Americans in. We also know that the Covid-19 virus that infected New York and New Jersey came from Europe. In every scripted speech he tries to blame Nancy Pelosi with a lie. It was because Trump called the virus the “China virus” bigoted people were not eating at restaurants owned by Asian-Americans. Nancy Pelosi was in San Francisco that day to encourage people to support Asian-American businesses. ….https://www.factcheck.org/2020/04/trumps-false-claims-about-pelosi-and-chinatown/

I guess it’s common for paranoid people to believe socialism or Marxism is going to replace capitalism as some on my side to apply Godwin’s Law to everything. I was never into the coincidences of Nostradamus or George Orwell’s 1984. I believe conservatives are in fear of losing perceived social dominance and my side continues to look for something that goes beyond shooting someone of Fifth Avenue, to sway their friends, relatives, and acquaintances. My thinking is that we have already dismantled McCarthyism and we won’t get to the point of facing Nazism.

Political junkies know that politics gets its official lift- off after Labor Day. In the old-days the candidates made use of the holiday with local, state and national campaign speeches. A lot of promises that will never be kept and a lot of babies to kiss.  Covid-19 put a crimp into that tradition but social media picked up the slack.

Either Donald Trump is behind or he’s trying to trick Joe Biden into playing his hand by revealing his Supreme Court nominees this week. Joe Biden doesn’t have to play that game because said a long time ago that he would appoint a long overdue African-American woman as his first choice. Then again, Trump promised that the GOP would produce their healthcare plan by the end of August.

“I do want to say that we're going to be introducing a tremendous health care plan sometime prior -- hopefully, prior to the end of the month. It's just completed now," Trump said at the time. "We'll be doing, sometime during this month, the health care plan. And I think that'll be before the end of the month. And I think it'll be very impressive to a lot of people."

In an interview with Fox News in July, Trump said he would be signing a "full and complete health care plan" within two weeks.


I would bet my last dollar Joe Biden would have never used the White House backdrop, the Rose Garden , or the Lincoln Memorial to promote his candidacy. He won’t inject himself into the professional sports squabbles but he might have scolded the maskless attendees and officials prior to the Sturgis motorcycle rally in South Dakota where Covid-19 cases spiked 187%.  Somethings are in plain sight.

I’ll take brains over brawn.

Michael Gomez is a retired, opinionated left-of-center, political junkie who likes to discuss issues, as opposed to ideology.

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Glen or Janice Ullman

Great read Mike, I fall into that 24/7 criticizer group, only because the acting President is such a poor actor. I think my criticism stems from my old age acquired tell it like you see it wisdom and the ease of getting opinions out there online ( which also affords me time to think before I speak). And then of course there’s Trump who tends to bring out the worst in everyone. I can’t help but blame Trump for everything his enablers continue to ignore. Hopefully this Election will diminish the GOP to the point that they will finally realize that slander and disinformation doesn’t fool the well informed...Glen

Allen T Coffey

A great treatment of our foibles in wanting to believe what already meshes with our preconceptions.

Rick Dockery

I will say Mr. Biden’s tax plan is middle of the road. That’s a bit reassuring. I compared the two. They are both way too high for my taste, but Mr. Biden seems more reasonable than I would have thought. Hopefully he will be able to convince his party to stick around his plan if he is elected. Good blog Mike

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