George is a retired journalist who likes to comment on a wide range of topics and throw shade on both sides of the aisle.

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The nightmarish potential of COVID19 to decimate our nation as it is doing in China and Japan can’t be underestimated. There is no “over-reaction” in this case because over-reacting doesn’t do much harm as would under-reaction. If you’ve ever taken a statistics course, you know about Type I and Type II errors and you would understand how certain outcomes are less harmful.

The real questions around administration’s path forward on this threat occurs at a far broader level and offer a context worth considering, even if it’s speculative. Russian leader Vladimir Putin has made clear that Russian foreign policy aims to sow as much division and dissent in the United States as possible; and, his ally in Oval Office is undertaking policies to do just that. Appointing an ignoramus in the person of Mike Pence to spearhead the COVID19 effort plays into the Russians’ hands magnificently.

A weakened population with a workforce compromised or disabled will have dire outcomes on the U.S. GDP. A weakened economy will cultivate political discontent, although blaming the virus and Democrats using Fox News and the Sinclair TV stations as state propaganda outlets, will reflect the calculated risk to keep the Trump in the White House. With such a huge diversion, other members of the right-wing army, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, will be free to work sub rosa to undercut our democracy further, including but not limited to, making drastic changes to the U.S. Constitution using a Convention of the States. Abbott, like other Republicans, want to strengthen the oligarchy, eventually creating an underclass.

Understanding this will also further understanding why the Republicans resist some form of universal health care. The nation’s overall health, as is its educational levels, are national security issues. We already are seeing some results of the long game the Russians and their Republican allies are playing. A population too weak and too stupid to function in a technologically advanced knowledge and service economy will suit the Russians just fine.

As Nikita Khrushchev predicted, Russia will conquer the United States without firing a shot. The only question remains is whether it’s too late.

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I am a retired journalist (do we ever really retire?) who likes to comment on a wide range of topics and throw shade on both sides of the aisle. I am an avowed progressive with a sharp tongue. I don’t mind if I make you angry as long as I make you think.

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(3) comments

Glenn Wilson

"...undercut our democracy further" -- What democracy would that be, George? The U.S. doesn't have one, never did, just as the Founding Fathers intended. We have a representative republic.

Allen T Coffey

Sadly on target, George.

Bill Hopmann

Oh brother!

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