George is a retired journalist who likes to comment on a wide range of topics and throw shade on both sides of the aisle.

Editor's note: We have removed the editorial cartoon that accompanied this blog post because our ethics board felt that it violated our community submissions policy and is likely a copyright violation. We appreciate the blogger’s understanding of our concern and review

I have and will continue to attack Michael Cloud on his role as a Trump supporter. So, for this blog post, I am going to leave it right here while you look at the deAdder’s political picture and wonder why Cloud has been silent.

I am a retired journalist (do we ever really retire?) who likes to comment on a wide range of topics and throw shade on both sides of the aisle. I am an avowed progressive with a sharp tongue. I don’t mind if I make you angry as long as I make you think.

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Martin Strarup

"They do not represent the views of the Victoria Advocate Editorial Board. " But, when you publish such garbage as what Schwarz puts out continuously it most certainly would cause readers to think that the Advocate condones his constant left wing banter that is full of lies and half truths.

AdvocateEditorialBoard Staff

We have not published Mr. Schwarz's blog. This is similar to someone posting on Facebook. The person doing so is solely responsible for his comments there. Our ethics board did discuss Tuesday whether this violates our guidelines against posting inflammatory comment. Please stay tuned for when our digital editor announces that decision later today. The thoughtful consideration and discussion you get from your family-owned local paper is much more than you'll ever receive by offering a complaint to Facebook. Thank you for reading.

Matt Maples

Couple of points: a completely classless and offensive picture/cartoon by a buffoon of a blogger. And Chris Cobler, you should stop doubling down on your idiocy of basically saying "anyone can post anything" and the Advocate is not responsible. So what, hate crime pics welcome on your blog? Is pornography allowed also? You basically said anything goes, right? To not review any and all contributor's material is absurd. Take a reputable position for a change.

ccobler Staff
Chris Cobler

We haven't doubled down. We have a commenting policy posted -- not just anything is acceptable. However, blogs and comments do appear without any prior review. After the fact, we moderate based on our policy. That is why we're bringing this latest post before our ethics board at noon today to discuss.

Daniel Martin

I do not think for a moment this was meant in a humorist way. If there is a message to be heard there are those that express a feeling that the President holds no blame and that the parents are to blame. If there is a parent out there that would not do everything possible to make them safe then there is a larger problem than our boarder.

AdvocateEditorialBoard Staff
Victoria Advocate Editorial Board

Our ethics board is meeting at noon Tuesday. We have added this issue to the agenda for conversation. We'll report back afterward. If you want to add your thoughts to why the newspaper should pull or remove this blog post, please let us know.

Theresa D'Amico

As an adult, I am shocked to read signs when entering retail establishments asking "did you leave a child in your vehicle"? Yet every summer we hear of near deaths or death due to a child being left in a vehicle, in the heat. Usually, these children are removed from their parents' custody. So these parents coming up from points unknown into our country are quality custodians of their children? This so-called blogger is way off base, and I'm being kind.

AdvocateEditorialBoard Staff
Victoria Advocate Editorial Board

This is a reader blog. Like reader comments, these thoughts and views are entirely the responsibility of the individual posting. They do not represent the views of the Victoria Advocate Editorial Board. We welcome a robust discussion of the issues, regardless of whether we agree or not. To submit letters to the editor, please email

If you would like to set up your own reader blog, email digital editor Thomas Martinez at for technical support. Thank you for reading and adding your voice to a constructive community conversation.

Cherise Bludau-Branch

Not a laughing matter at all. Very poor taste to publish. I must remind readers about the Democrats role in the humanitarian crisis at the border; as well as recall Obama saying in 2014 "“Do not send your children to the borders,” he said. “If they do make it, they'll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it.” Anyone remember that Obama wanted (appropriately) to increase Border Patrol agents by 20,000 plus? Now the entire Democratic field says they don't want a border at all. How is it that Trump can say the same thing as Obama and it gets politicized? How can Pelosi and Schumer let these children be pawns in the game?

Michael Gomez

Cherise, I recall the 2014 speech where President Obama said: “do not send your children to the border.” After about 50,000 unaccompanied children came to our southern border so it was to correct a rumor that the United States was giving free passage. The entire Democratic field is not asking for a borderless nation. Name one. What Democrat is asking the 700 miles or so of fencing, surveillance cameras, more border agents, drones and whatnot…Just asking? Trump doesn’t say the same thing…He emphasizes MS13 to throw red meat to his base. He trying to do away with chained migration (the same program Melania’s parents benefitted from) put more limits on legal immigration and completely rewrite the international asylum. This is the same person who wanted a Muslin ban. Nancy Pelosi swallowed her pride and her House passed the Senate version of the $4.6 billion aid bill which didn’t have any safeguards of how the money would be spent. It couldn’t ban the private prison who committed all of the violations…But you go ahead and praise the president and blame the Democrats, a lot of us know better. More facts …less hyperbole and partisan talking points.

Brian Vandale

Cherise, I agree

George Schwarz Staff
George Schwarz

I’ve thought long and hard about if and how I wanted to respond to the comments about this blog post. Here it is: First, after 25 years in health care, I spent 22 years as an investigative and health care reporter, I can’t state strongly enough how much I appreciate living in Victoria with an excellent local (and locally owned) newspaper. I consider myself a fairly good judge of news media and you all should be glad you’re not in a community like Amarillo, where the newspaper is dead. Second, for those of my political confreres as well as opponents who also faulted me on posting this cartoon, let’s make something clear. Calling it a cartoon implies it’s supposed to be funny. But it’s a political cartoon, and it’s supposed to send a message. In this case, the message is uncomfortable and, in my view, portrays Trump for the crass, cruel and despicable person he is. I have made no bones for my leftist positions and make no apologies for the open disdain for everything Trump and for what the Republicans have become. Third, my family had to flee Austria ahead of Hitler. The only way some of my family got out of Europe was through the smokestacks. I was raised to be attuned to what Hitler did and how he did it. I don’t care if you believe me or disagree with me when I tell you it is happening again in the United States. The Republican Party and the politicians backing the party — Abbott, Patrick, Cloud, Cruz, Cornyn, Morrison, Kolkhorst and others — are complicit in the treason and destruction of American democracy and have been since the 1970s. I’ve lost friends over this and will probably lose more friends; and I’ll if I don’t make new friends, I’d rather be on the right side of my conscience and be alone than be part of the apologists and enablers. Finally, you’ve got no beef if you don’t like what I write. The Advocate lets people comment and will let readers have their own blogs. I can handle my regular attackers because most of their shots at me are ad hominem and devoid of rationality or policy discussion and not worth worrying about. And, note you all, my writings may be harsh but they aren’t vulgar and I stand by my assessment. I consider it a privilege that the Advocate gives me the platform. If the leadership at the Advocate wishes to rescind it, I can respect that.

James Chandler

Sometime back I realized your blog is only about your ego and some grandeur thought you are a journalist. The content of your blogs in most cases, approaches hate speech. I'm astounded the VA gives you a forum for it. Michael Gomez writes a blog (which he hasn't updated since the collusion farce went out the window, lol) that 9/10 times I disagree with fully, but at least he is sincere in his cause and beliefs. I respect Mr. Gomez for that. I seldom reply to your blogs because I know that makes you think you are a journalist. Do the Crossroads a favor and go away.

Tom Looman

This is absolutely wrong. What in the world? Makes me mad enough to cancel my subscription.

Michael Gomez

Sorry, George but I think the cartoon is in very poor taste...The incident is not a laughing matter.

Brian Vandale

I agree

Walter Raab

I also agree, Michael that it is no laughing matter. It is, however, a shameful and disgraceful legacy for the Trump administration. I applaud Mr deAdder and George for bringing this to us.

Michael Gomez

Sorry but I don’t need cartoons to bring any topic to light. Exploiting the situation for a laugh or a political cheap shot doesn’t do this situation any justice....IMO I’m not singling out this cartoon, there are many memes that offend me...But that’s just me.

Greg Smith

Wow, I agree with Mike on something, this is a momentous day! The meme IS IN POOR TASTE and the Advocate staff should have nixed it, before it ever made it “to print”. I hope the VA doesn’t censure or cancel Schwarz’s blog, I honestly enjoy reading the writings of this lunatic, he is always gold for a good laugh and his TDS is off the charts. That said, his attack on the Catholic school boy and failure to retract or correct his trashy blog is/was reprehensible, a REAL MAN would have come back and amended the blog to reflect the realities of the day, instead of doubling down on stupid as he did.

ccobler Staff
Chris Cobler

To clarify, this cartoon hasn’t made it “to print” in the Advocate. It has appeared only in this blog, which readers post without any prior review. The question before our ethics board today is whether we should review the post now. If so, how does it violate our commenting rules? Thanks to all for reading and weighing in.

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