George is a retired journalist who likes to comment on a wide range of topics and throw shade on both sides of the aisle.


The news about the upcoming election is getting worse — and I am not surprised.

The Washington Post and other outlets are reporting voter suppression on a grand scale. The Republican operative now on the United States Supreme Court, Beer-addled Brett Kavanaugh, tipped the scale to disenfranchise Native Americans in North Dakota. In Georgia, the current racist GOP secretary of state, Brian Kemp, has suppressed about 53,000 registrations of mostly black voters in his battle for governor against former state Rep. Stacey Abrams, who is black. Here in Texas, with Republican so-called leaders being some of the most despicable people in politics, the online voter registration system went down on the Saturday before the Tuesday registration deadline. None of these instances, in my view, are accidents.

Then there’s the gerrymandering and the Republicans’ refusal to authorize spending for security against Russian hacking, and we have overwhelming evidence that the GOP wants to steal this election — just as they stole two Supreme Court seats.

Texas politicians emphasize their Christianity, their “Texas values” and “family values,” but their behavior runs so counter to those shibboleths that the hypocrisy is neon-lighted. Ted Cruz is spreading outright lies in his negative ads; and his, John Cornyn’s and the whole clown car of right-wingers’ Twitter feeds are overflowing with lies. Flat out lies. Not only are their lies disgusting, their political agenda is cruel and un-Christian. Frankly, because Greg Abbott (and Bathroom Dan Patrick) so rely on their “Christianity” to gain votes without any regard to Jesus’ message, I contacted the Catholic Archdiocese of Austin requesting an investigation of Abbott’s violation of the church’s peace and justice ministry. That will come to nothing, but I feel better for it.

The United States is facing a crisis of its very soul. We have a traitorous Nazi for a president; a dominionist senator and a governor whose hypocrisy and values are so unspeakable that I can’t put words to it. I fear for the future. Whether the Democrats and other progressives can overcome these obstacles with massive voter turnout remains to be seen. But even with an overwhelming presence at the polls, the progressives are at risk of having the election stolen. Republican-controlled jurisdictions with the ability to steal the vote will do so. Then what?

We may be facing the possibility of blood in the streets. What is worse, I think that is exactly what the Republicans want and for which they have prepared. They have militarized local law enforcement and made it clear to the law and order community that liberals and progressive are the enemy.

None of this pessimistic view should lessen our resolve nor should it make us give up on turning out the votes. This should do is inspire people to do as much as possible to flood the polls with people who still respect this country’s values. People who are the real patriots. Please join me in that inspiration.

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I am a retired journalist (do we ever really retire?) who likes to comment on a wide range of topics and throw shade on both sides of the aisle. I am an avowed progressive with a sharp tongue. I don’t mind if I make you angry as long as I make you think.

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