As most of you know, I’m really way past week 16 of my retirement. I’ve been retired almost seven months but life always has a way of throwing obstacles your way which has hindered my writing somewhat. Like Hurricane Harvey, helping with grandchildren when needed and of course, the fun obstacle….travel.

Danny has joined me in this retirement journey so I’m sure this is all going to be not only interesting, but a real experience for us. We have never had all day together to enjoy the many things we love doing, and now, all of a sudden, each day belongs entirely to us. I must say it’s a virtual treasure trove of small moments. We never know what will make us laugh hysterically together (we’ve done this more now than ever) or how each day continues to surprise us. Then you have those moments of

not remembering what happened two days ago and moments of brilliance when it all comes back to you a day later. That really gets us going.

And, of course, there’s those times when we both have the same thought and say it and we look at each other like “wow, we’re reading each others minds now”. We are totally connected to one another. Not saying life is always perfect because that’s impossible for any marriage, but we do have a good thing going.

Our son Todd keeps telling me and Danny to relax and enjoy. Our daughter Julie keeps telling me to do strength training and explains how good it is for me. I know all this and Danny and I actually were going to get by the Healthplex today and sign up. We had so many other things to do though and by the time we were finished, we put it off another day or so. We’ve got plenty of time, hopefully. We had bought several flats of flowers to plant and many flower beds to clear and the day was so sunny and beautiful we couldn’t wait to get home and work outside. Anyone who knows me understands my passion for beautiful flowers in my garden and my herb garden too. Danny and I spent all afternoon getting all the flowers planted, and Danny got all the flower beds raked out. It’s beginning to shape up nicely for Spring and early summer.

Thanks to VEC, we now have all our trees trimmed that were coming very close to the power lines. We even had some cut to the ground which was wonderful. I thank them for doing such a wonderful job in helping us make sure if we get another hurricane, the trees are cleared from power lines and our roof. Also, I was very concerned about the danger of limbs breaking off and landing on the roof of my neighbor. She was worried too.

We both had limbs cleared and are so happy it’s done and cleaned up.

I’m praying another hurricane doesn’t hit us again in my lifetime. I’ve been through too many already beginning with Carla in 1961, which was a category five….the strongest a hurricane can get. It was scary and the VEC supervisor of our tree trimming had some interesting stories to tell about it as I did. But I will say, Harvey was very bad too and did plenty of damage. My sister says Rockport still has so much damage. So sad.

I’m still driving Danny and am happy to do it. No release from the doc yet and Danny is finally getting comfortable with my driving. I’ve tried very hard to slow down, not ride the brake and not talk on the “hands free” phone feature I have in my car. Yes….that makes him nervous because I’m talking and not paying attention to driving. This is coming from a man that wrote orders in his notebook for customers while he was driving!

We’re meeting up with Danny’s brothers in Port Aransas this week-end for lunch and drinks. Unlike my family, who try to stay connected and see each other at least two to three times a year, the boys don’t visit much anymore. There’s not a sister (like me) who makes sure the family stays in touch and sees each other at least on Thanksgiving and sometimes Easter too. It will be nice to catch up with the brothers and hear all the news on their children and grandchildren. The oldest brother is now retired like Danny and the youngest may consider retirement at some point and hopefully we’ll get together more in retirement.

I’m still writing. It’s not every day since Danny retired but I’m still working on two books actively. If I can just finish them in my lifetime I’ll be happy. I write like I talk and that’s a lot……think about a book! I’m a big talker and as one of my sisters has told me “all you do is talk and talk some more”. It’s just who I am… and… at my age, why try to change? I’ve learned to listen more and that’s a good thing but I love people and love meeting new people and hearing THEIR stories. My sister Marilyn tells me all the time how she wished she could talk to strangers like I do but she’s always been shy. Well, I’ve always wanted to SAVE like her and that’s her strength I tell her. If I have money, you can bet I’ll find something I want to spend it on. Whether it’s the house, the yard, the grandkids, or myself. My youngest sister and I have always had a shoe fetish and we both believe it came from our grandma “Sitie”. When we were children we couldn’t believe she had shoe boxes stacked to the ceiling in her bedroom. I think that’s what happened to us both…..yep…that’s the reason we love shoes so much.

I’ll keep blogging and continue to write about our adventures when we begin to travel. That may take awhile until Danny is back driving.

Not sure I can handle the drive to California without a co-driver.

Remember to offer a smile, give a compliment and count your many blessings every day. Until next time, Danny and I both are “Slowin Down” and enjoying each and every day the man upstairs gives us. Please do the same.

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