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A while back I received a gift card to AMC Theatres. I don't usually venture out to see movies other than my hometown theater because well they know me here.  So I took a look at the website for AMC Theatres to see if there was anything that was going to catch my eye, and lo and behold there… Read more

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 Hey moviegoers, how is it out there in the world today?  As most of you know the anticipated Captain Marvel started in theaters last weekend and of course yours truly  was there for all the action. Captain Marvel is again in the series from marvel comics; and also the predecessor to the Ave… Read more

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 Hey there are you moviegoers! have you missed me because I sure have missed you! For those of you wondering I did not do a review for avengers endgame because well there were about a dozen or so more reviews; and well it was kind of played out.  Although I did enjoy the movie and I thought … Read more

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Sandra Bullock is one of my favorite actresses.  I have seen most of her films, if not all.  I had such high expectations for this film; maybe I expected too much.  I mean, when I heard they were doing an all female cast, I thought remake on the Ghostbusters level (which to this day is proll… Read more

the garcia girls go to the movies
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The Emoji MovieSo in the world of Textopolis, emojis live day to day as the one expression that they were made to express, one emotion only. Then there is Gene, played by the very talented, extremely funny T.J. Miller. Gene is unique. He is capable of different expressions of emotions, and h… Read more

the garcia girls go to the movies
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Have you ever actually stopped to check the rating of the movie you are about to watch or that you child is about to watch? The ratings are there for a reason, and before starting a tirade about a movie you and/or your child went to see, you, especially as the parent, should make it a point to check into the rating and the movie content. I hope the information in this blog will help you to do just that. Read more



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