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How do you choose your breakfast taco?

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Chris Cobler

By Chris Cobler
July 13, 2017 at 12:13 p.m.

Harold Tiemann was waiting for his to-go order of two bacon and bean tacos the other day at a Mexican restaurant near his business, Tee's Music, 906 E. Red River St.

The place was packed, and he noticed he and another man were the only two Anglo faces there. Without any prompting, Tiemann said, the other man looked up at the TV and said something like, "I guess this is the last time I'll be in here. I don't go anywhere that listens to CNN."

Tiemann was startled by this unusual restaurant review. He's no Clinton supporter -- he thinks their shenanigans in Arkansas caused him to declare bankruptcy years ago when a university there wouldn't pay its bills.

He said he probably would have forgotten this brief conversation until he read my previous post about the nonpartisan nature of a local newspaper. He doesn't share the view that the Advocate is too liberal or too conservative. He just wants more news about Yorktown, which is where he grew up.

"This a no-win situation at the rate it's going," Tiemann said, lamenting how polarized the country has become.

He said he wonders what it will take to get the country back on track in any sort of a unified direction. A voracious newspaper consumer, Tiemann thinks it might help if people read more and watched less CNN or Fox News. He said he appreciates the USA Today section in the newspaper mainly for its markets page. Since the Advocate started adding USA Today, it has saved him $2 a day he used to spend picking up an edition at Stripes.

Another subscriber last week, though, called to say she was canceling her subscription because USA Today and the Associated Press were the same as the National Enquirer. I don't know how to answer such wild and unfounded comparisons. You might not like the slant of every story by USA Today or the AP, but the reporting is real and verifiable.

On the same day, yet another subscriber called my office to say how much he appreciated having USA Today in the Advocate. And so it goes.

"All the arguing among all these people," Tiemann asked, "where's it going to go?"

Can we at least get back to eating our breakfast tacos without a side of politics?



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