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Becky Cooper

By Becky Cooper
May 25, 2017 at 6:02 p.m.

Sometimes in your life you are fortunate to own pets that are instantly a part of the family.

We have been fortunate to have three such dogs – first Woody, then Rolex and Timex.

Unfortunately, only Timex remains.

Early Tuesday morning, Rolex died.

Rolex was a beautiful dog with her own great personality.

I first saw her in the Advocate’s Pet of the Week column from Adopt a Pet. I called to see if she was still available and learned that yes she was and by the way she had a brother. They were named, at that time, Bertha and Bobby.

We had to wait a few days before we could bring them home - they were rescued from the city pound and had to be quarantined to make sure they didn't contract heart worms. 

So in late June 2008 I picked up the two little fur balls who were quickly renamed Timex and Rolex - because they are watch dogs.

They were a team and we were an instant family.

They chewed up shoes, carpets, house plants, and anything else they could. We learned to put things out of their reach.

We gave them treats. They learned the sound of the treat jar opening.

They loved sleeping under the ceiling fan on the bed. We accepted we would have dog hair in the carpet and on the bedspread.

They didn't always want to go outside in the mornings when I needed to leave for work.  I would trick them into thinking I was going out the garage door. When that didn't work I would leave them in the house and have Gary come home later to check on them.

We pampered them. They protected us from the weird noises and critters of Yoakum.

We played fetch with them. They brought us dead mice, birds and frogs as gifts.

Now half the team is gone. Timex is still here to protect us, keep us company and entertain us. 

And to mourn. 

He knows Rolex is not here, but he can't figure out where she is.

The memory of Rolex is strong.  We will never forget her or the many things she did to keep us entertained.



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