This is the most comprehensive listing of what's happening in the Crossroads.

contributed free family friendly seniors accessible 21 and over all ages budget

Enjoy a day with your family honoring the Texas Heroes who fought and died for the Republic of Texas. This event commemorates the men of the Dawson Massacre, Black Bean Lottery and Mier Expedition.

contributed 21 and over

$10,000 Night is a longstanding Trinity tradition that gives you a chance to win $10,000 all while enjoying a relaxing evening among friends.   Tickets are pulled from the hopper, one by one.  The last ticket remaining is our grand prize winner.

contributed 21 and over

Trinity's Patriot Revelry will be a celebration of the school as we bring together Trinity families and the Victoria community to enjoy good food, cocktails and spirited merriment. The evening will include a mobile and online silent auction, a raffle drawing for Trinity tuition, event games,…

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