About 75 students participated in the Yoakum Livestock show this year. The animals sold for a combined $125,176.


Sutton Pavliska‘s grand champion steer sold for $6,450 to Ricky and Millie Driskell; Hill Ranch; DeWitt County Farm Bureau; Jason Adamek Construction; Kris Kifer Construction; Damian and Christy Brosch; Rock Hard Materials; Yoakum National Bank; Crossroads Bank; Maureen Bucek; Clay and Jennifer Hermann; Delta Armature Works; Circle L Ranch; Yoakum Animal Clinic; Josh and Lexanne Carroll; Victor Gomez; Kellie Reardon; Blahuta Advertising; Brian and Julia Prasek; Boedeker Ag Supply; Prause Polled Hereford Farms; County Wide Pest Service; Sammy and Susan Elizondo; Grafe Chevrolet GMC, Inc.; McKey & Co.; GVEC; Francis and Anita Brosch; Michael and Peggy Chumchal; Adams Tractor Sales, Inc; H & H Cafe and Bakery; David and Susan Kelley; McKee Construction; H-E-B Pantry Stores; Ernest Elizondo; Ernest and Jeanie Knezek; Roger and Denise Immenhauser; Steven and Brenda Morris; Dudley and Patsy Garrett; Hardin Consulting; Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co.

Kailee Knezek‘s reserve champion steer sold for $14,710 to John and Tanya Wenzel; H-E-B Pantry Stores; Kelly Mudd Equipment Co.; Jacobs-Weber Insurance Services; John and Agnes Fling; Justin Schlenker Hauling Inc.; Randy and Karen Boone; Satterfield Welding Service, Inc.; K Bar K Ranch; Hlavinka Equipment Co.; McKee Construction; Otto ‘Jimmy’ and Betty Ann Borchers; Kunetka Furniture/ Monk’s A/C; JIB Enterprise; Kodie’s Garage; Robert Doyen; Michael Trojcak; Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co; Roger and Denise Immenhauser; Jay and Glenda Mixon; Keith and Carolyn Armstrong; Ron and Vicki White; Ronnie and Mary Leck; Nueces Power & Equipment; Hub City Motors; K-Box Cattle Company; Rock Hard Materials; H & H Cafe and Bakery; Mark and Marsha Herchek; Kenneth Pavliska; Matthew Realty; John Justiss Family; Long Land & Cattle; Harley’s House of Liquor; David and Susan Kelley; Thomas Watson; Thomas Barre; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Bill and Brenda Brown; Yoakum National Bank; Dairy Treet; ASCO; Terry and Carol Boening; Williamson County Equipment Co.; Triple R Motors; Barre Cattle Company; Sweet Home Sand and Gravel; Denise and Matt Kutzer; Dennis and Carol Bade; Augustus Ranch; Ben and Beverly Mozisek; Brent and Sonia Hiller; W4 Fencing; Chandler Drilling Co.; Carl Ammerman; Victor Gomez; Cable Hill Ranch; Burns Ranch/ Kelley Show Steers; Crossroads Bank; Weaver & Jacobs Constructors; Tom and Jennifer Kelley; South Star Bank; Wendel Motor; Corner Stop; Boedeker Ag Supply; Werner’s Restaurant / Werner’s Café; Billy E Taylor; David Markert; Wayne Blank; Elorine Sitka; A M Anesthesia Services of South Texas; Dwayne and Mary Powell; Adams Tractor Sales, Inc.; Eddie Stubbs, Jr.; Four J Cattle Co.; Dr. James and Beverly Drost; Allen Bayer, CPA; Ful-O-Pep Feeds; Dr. David Watson; First National Bank of Shiner; Shannon and Cheryl Bucek; Anonymous; Stan and Ann Kuester; Glenn and Darlene Renken; Energy Waste; Fehner & Son Grain Co; Sunny Panjwani; DeWitt Poth & Son; Zimmerman Electric; Donald and Velma Rice; 4-C Materials; Yoakum Packing; Embroidery Express; Dietze & Reese.


Austin Vinklarek‘s grand champion swine sold for $4,020 to Klaus and Carolyn Schlamb; Brandon Hauboldt; H-E-B Pantry Stores; Heller Cattle Co.; Brian and Julia Prasek; Selman Ranch; Frontier Services Inc; Chandler Drilling Co.; Jacob Heibel; Corner Stop; Satterfield Welding Service; Jaime’s Roustabout Service; Circle Y Saddles; Shawn and Jennifer Green; John Armstrong; Triple R Motors; Dustin Braden; David and Cheryl Shelton; David and Carolyn Schlamb; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Rock Hard Materials; Jess Armstrong; John Paul Jones, II; Mary Jones; Yoakum National Bank; Bill and Brenda Brown; Belcik Refrigeration; Nick Pavlock; Ranch Services; BJC Insurance Agency; Anthony Netardus; Boedeker Ag Supply; A & R Energy Services; McKey & Co.; Michael Farek.

Sheela Webb‘s reserve champion swine sold for $4,450 to Edwin and Sandra Steinmann; Boedeker Ag Supply; Kodiak Compression; David and Nancy Nitsche; Coastal Quick Rent; Dustin Braden; Bear Creek 4-H; Sutton Pavliska; Anonymous 1; DeWitt County Farm Bureau; H-E-B Pantry Stores; Jaime’s Roustabout Service; Steven and Lynette Seifert; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Chandler Drilling Co.; Kellie Reardon; Yoakum National Bank; Rock Hard Materials; Brian and Julia Prasek; Bill and Brenda Brown; Howard Goode & Co.


Seth Hanzelka‘s grand champion goat sold for $3,372.50 to Otto ‘Jimmy’ and Betty Ann Borchers; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Thomas Macha; Rock Hard Materials; Yoakum National Bank; Jimmy and Myra Parr; Crossroads Bank; Bernard and Kayleen Jurena; John and Sherry Hutchinson; Tommy and Linda McCabe; Robert and Linda Cooper; County Wide Pest Service; Robert and Jeannie Hermes; Grafe Chevrolet GMC, Inc.; Bill Lopez; Clint and Nancy Petras; Bill Richter; John and Kathryn Boothe; Doris Wren Weiser; Ann’s Flowers; Mayo and Cheryl Walker; Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co.; Edwin and Sandra Steinmann; Dudley and Patsy Garrett; Maynard Wagner; Stan and Ann Kuester; Jerry and Earlene Murray; Dorothy and Eugene Hanzelka; 4-C Materials; Barbara Otto; Hill Ranch; Jacobs-Weber Insurance Services; DeWitt County Farm Bureau; Satterfield Welding Service, Inc.; Circle L Ranch; 5G Boer Goats; Shirley Kuehn; Randy and Connie Zimmerman; Brandon and Jennifer Cooper; Boedeker Ag Supply; R. B. Marsh; Rainbow S Ranches; Carolyn Frank; Chandler Drilling Co.; Vesta Lee Ivicic; Charles and Shirley Hanzelka; K Bar K Ranch; V.J. and Lois Drozd; Christopher and Amanda Sykora; Rick Raz; Billy E Taylor; Christopher Sefton and Elizabeth Payne.

Wyatt Hanzelka‘s reserve champion goat sold for $2,697.50 to Rainbow S Ranches; R. B. Marsh; 4-C Materials; Brandon and Jennifer Cooper; Boedeker Ag Supply; 5G Boer Goats;Billy E. Taylor; Otto ‘Jimmy’ and Betty Ann Borchers; Mayo and Cheryl Walker; Yoakum National Bank; Ann’s Flowers; Carolyn Frank; Maynard Wagner; Barbara Otto; Bill Lopez; DeWitt County Farm Bureau; Robert and Linda Cooper; County Wide Pest Service; John and Kathryn Boothe; Jimmy and Myra Parr; Randy and Connie Zimmerman; Thomas Macha; John Justiss Family; Tommy and Linda McCabe; Jerry and Earlene Murray; Crossroads Bank; Doris Wren Weiser; Dorothy and Eugene Hanzelka; Stan and Ann Kuester; Jacobs-Weber Insurance Services; Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co.; Edwin and Sandra Steinmann; Shirley Kuehn; Satterfield Welding Service, Inc.; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Christopher Sefton and Elizabeth Payne; Rock Hard Materials; John and Sherry Hutchinson; V.J. and Lois Drozd; Christopher and Amanda Sykora; Circle L Ranch; Charles and Shirley Hanzelka; Clint and Nancy Petras; K Bar K Ranch; Chandler Drilling Co.; Robert and Jeannie Hermes; Vesta Lee Ivicic.


Brooke Prasek‘s grand champion rabbits sold for $3,245 to Morrow Hardware Co.; Sweet Home Fitness; Bliss Med Spa; Bleu; Kenneth Pavliska; Simpson Crushed Stone; Jeff and Dayna Tuttle; Bill and Brenda Brown; McKey & Co.; Rock Hard Materials; Anonymous; Mark and Ann Seidenberger; David Markert; Jaime’s Roustabout Service; Weaver & Jacobs Constructors; H-E-B Pantry Stores; Kellie Reardon; Kenneth and Amy Webb; Crossroads Bank; Gulf Coast Weed Control; Cory and Wendy Thamm; Josh and Lexanne Carroll; V.J. and Lois Drozd; Kodiak Compression; H & H Cafe and Bakery; Frels Orthodontics; Klaus and Carolyn Schlamb; McKee Construction; Pioneer Oilfield Trucking.

Maddie Carroll‘s reserve champion rabbits sold for $3,225 to Allen Bayer, CPA; Hub City Motors; DeWitt County Farm Bureau; H-E-B Pantry Stores; Chris and Samantha Vinklarek; Chris and Kim Kvinta; Double K Diesel Service; Christie’s Collection; H & H Cafe and Bakery; Damon Drozd; Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co; Carl and Linda O’Neill; Brian and Julia Prasek; Kris Kifer Construction; Gloria Lerch; County Wide Pest Service; Lewis and Pam Daltry; Boedeker Ag Supply; Bill and Brenda Brown; Mary McQuillen; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Jacobs-Weber Insurance Services; M H Leske Oil Co; Betty E Carroll; Mark and Ann Seidenberger; Mark and Kathy Carroll; Darren and Lydia Mobley; David Markert; Kenneth Pavliska; Prosperity Bank; Yoakum Packing; Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner; Rock Hard Materials; Steven and Brenda Morris; Yoakum National Bank; McKey & Co.; Zimmerman Electric; Shannon and Cheryl Bucek; Painter Farms; Weaver & Jacobs Constructors; Scott and Christy Fojt; W4 Fencing.


Kallee Kifer‘s grand champion broilers sold for $4,593 to Yoakum Packing; Shoppa’s Farm Supply-Shiner; Lauren and Josh Pohler; Glen and Sherri Kusak; Gilbert Jr. and Janet Adamek; Matt Donihou; Clay and Jennifer Hermann; Ernest Elizondo; Yoakum Chiropractic Center; Shannon and Cheryl Bucek; McKee Construction; Anonymous 1; Ronnie and Maurine Adamek; Gary and Sherie Carroll; Weaver & Jacobs Constructors; Embroidery Express; H & P Cattle; Hub City Motors; Kenneth and Lorrie Adamek; Michael Jacob Consulting; Hallettsville Livestock Commission Co.; First National Bank of Shiner; Sutton Pavliska; Adams Tractor Sales; Alan Adamek; K Bar K Ranch; David and Julie Barnes; Vinklarek Family Ranch; Damon Drozd; Lonnie and Anne Gregorcyk; Triple R Motors; Boedeker Ag Supply; Rock Hard Materials; Jason Adamek Construction; Kay Adamek; M & M Cattle Co; CRP Ranch; Tim and Robin Boswell; Dr. Saundra Anderson-Mueller; Crossroads Bank; K & K Repair Service; Travis and Kristen Schley; Long Land & Cattle; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; David and Nannette Debord; Chandler Drilling Co.; Dennis and Georgia Kutach; David Markert; Jamie and Lee Kifer; Billy and Cindy Goodrich.

Audrey Kifer‘s reserve champion broilers sold for $4,321 to Lonnie and Anne Gregorcyk; Weaver & Jacobs Constructors; M & M Cattle Co; Dairy Treet; H & P Cattle; Embroidery Express; Yoakum Packing; Gilbert Jr. and Janet Adamek; David and Julie Barnes; Long Land & Cattle;Tim and Robin Boswell; David and Nannette Debord; Hub City Motors; Crossroads Bank; Kenneth and Lorrie Adamek; Lauren and Josh Pohler; Vinklarek Family Ranch; Chandler Drilling Co.; Andrew and Audra Pawelek; Anonymous 1; Ronnie and Maurine Adamek; Alan Adamek; Triple R Motors; Cuero Livestock Commission Co.; Will and Connie Young; Billy and Cindy Goodrich; McKee Construction; Rock Hard Materials; Travis and Kristen Schley; Yoakum Chiropractic Center; Michael Jacobs Consulting; Glen and Sherri Kusak; Dennis and Georgia Kutach; Kay Adamek; First National Bank of Shiner; Matt Donihou;Jamie and Lee Kifer; CRP Ranch; Boedeker Ag Supply; K & K Repair Service; K Bar K Ranch; Adams Tractor Sales, Inc; Clay and Jennifer Hermann; Shannon and Cheryl Bucek; Jason Adamek Construction; David Markert.

Samantha Douty is the education reporter at the Victoria Advocate. She grew up in Corpus Christi and graduated from UT-Arlington with a bachelor's in journalism.

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