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As you travel through the Crossroads, you will see new businesses and attractions popping up.

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Republicans in the Crossroads running for state legislature took most of the votes during the midterm election Tuesday night.

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After the Gulf Coast Medical Center in Wharton closed in 2016, OakBend Medical Center worked for months to establish a hospital in the same building to bring emergency and medical services back to the rural community.


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  • Missy Albrecht said:

    Wonderful program...except they are not crocheting, they are using a knitting loom. I do love how they are teaching them to use the looms, a terrific skill!

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  • Glen or Janice Ullman said:

    Mrs. Tally,I also have a special place in my heart for diplomacy and those who practice it. It seems I have the same biases you presented in your piece, which are rare here in Gerrymanderville…

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  • Michael Gomez said:

    Anti-left letters obviously refers to letter writers,not those who respond to them. I would know since I wrote the rebuttal. But whatever...

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  • Steve Fiedler said:

    No, check again your Nov 15 post, clearly says "anti-left letters" and does not refer to orig writer. And I have no way to know what you read or when. Regardless your reply to orig author had …

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  • Ron Sandidge said:

    Sad... Dixie was Abraham Lincoln's favorite tune. In fact he ordered it played while overlooking the ruins of Richmond, Va. after the war.

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