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  • Willie Ellis said:

    When Joe Biden puts his hand on the Bible and takes the oath of office Michael Cloud and all others who are confused between lies and truth will know for certain who won the election.

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  • Glen or Janice Ullman said:

    Quincy, We’re all afraid for our nation, for one reason or another. I thought this pandemic might bring us all a little closer together, and it still might. Give Biden a chance, he can’t possi…

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  • Glen or Janice Ullman said:

    Mike thanks for the back up with Quincy, he’s a hard nut to crack. I think Biden will bring the Republicans back into real time and away from the what abouts , hopefully...Glen

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  • Mike Gomez said:

    Mr. Thompson, I know your comment was directed to Glen but I’m on a mission to debunk all the myths, misinformation and outright lies. I would like for everyone to once again engage in civil t…

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