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  • Steve Fiedler said:

    Mr. Gomez you respond again similarly to a letter I submitted in feb of this year. You had obviously taken no care in reading that letter nor this one. Please advise where I say republicans ar…

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  • Michael Gomez said:

    Lol....Impeachment is coming,probably just before the Thanksgiving break. Right now the House is conducting an impeachment inquiry ( similar to a grand jury) gathering witnesses and evidence b…

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  • Glenn Wilson said:

    "Washington, you are committing political suicide." -- And the nation's voters will be able to drain the swamp, regardless of party, in 2020, if they would just get out and vote and not leave …

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  • Glenn Wilson said:

    IMO, this is a good example of getting it right on the first attempt. Thumbs-up to City Council. Stolz St. isn't as heavily traveled as some streets, but it contains active businesses and prov…

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  • John Price said:

    Mr. Walters you have been watching to much CNN. If there are so many impeachable actions that you can choose from; why hasn't he been impeached?

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Live newsmaker conversation with U.S. Congressman Michael Cloud, who represents Texas Congressional District 27.

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