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  • Mike Gomez said:

    Great points Dan, I saw a poll that showed that the people you described would like to secede from the United States.

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  • Todd Valdes said:

    Why does the Advocate not call ad valorous taxes by their common name? Does the Advocate believe this helps or hurts the understanding of readers about the subject of the article?

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  • Daniel Martin said:

    Points all well made Mike. In some ways I wonder how many anti-every thing has created a subset of our population believes that each of them is a sovereign person. And law, regulation or manda…

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  • Mike Gomez said:

    And what is the cost of infecting the workplace and the general public? From the WSJ “ Police Officers Resist Getting Vaccinated for Covid-19, Now Their No. 1 KillerThe disease is the leading …

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