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Shiner Youth Football League Senior Team

An El Campo peewee football player gets tackled by a group of Ganado Warriors. They are fourth- and fifth-grade players.

Myles Hamilton of the Victoria Fire 2010 boys soccer team stealing a pass from a Corpus Christi Sting player. 

Two youth shooters (Connor Thigpen, of Cuero, right) watch a target fly from the trap house before the start of a Trap Doubles shoot-off. Their unloaded shotguns are resting safely on their shoes, as most shooters do while waiting their turn to shoot. A shell is never inserted into the gun until it is ready to be shouldered for attempting to shoot the target.

Jordan Thibodeaux, No. 12, with West Warriors.

Bayler Popp and Hazel McDonald cheering on the Shiner Youth Football League.