Authorized 3M security window expert cautions Texas school districts on the importance of proper installation of breach-resistant security film.

MCKINNEY, Texas, March 15, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Epic, a North-Texas based authorized 3M security window film dealer, is issuing a warning to Texas school districts and affiliated educational institutions about the importance of proper installation of breach-resistant security film.

Late last year, in response to the Uvalde school shooting tragedy, Texas Gov. Abbott charged the Commissioner of Education with the development of a proposed rule ensuring existing school facilities are held to heightened safety standards. As a result, an amendment was added to 19 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Chapter 61, School Districts, Subchapter CC, Commissioner's Rules Concerning School Facilities, §61.1031, School Safety Requirements. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) followed this amendment with the release of the 2023–2025 School Safety Standards Formula Grant to support the school safety standards rule. This grant totals $400 million dollars which would be distributed by per-pupil count methodology for school districts to assist school districts in meeting the new safety requirements. All grant funds must be used for the TEA approved list of allowable uses.

A portion of the Safety Standards Rule components released by the TEA mandates that all school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in the state must install entry-resistant film or bulletproof glass on ground level exterior windows that are adjacent to or near an exterior door, exterior glass doors not within a secured area, and windows that are adjacent to or near a door and are large enough to allow someone to enter if broken. Schools now have until Aug. 2023 to source a suitable window film contractor and establish a schedule with a deadline to complete all work required.

It's up to individual school district administrators and procurement officers to source their own window film contractor for installation which, according to Epic COO Chris Eder, could be a recipe for trouble. "The main problem is that the state of Texas currently has no certification standards for security window film companies or policing for the approval of appropriate security window film and its subsequent installation." Security film differs widely, based on application, rating, and performance. But the requirements put forth by the TEA are specific – provided purchasers understand exactly what they're getting. "Unfortunately, there is big money involved and there are a lot of unscrupulous window film vendors and installers out there," adds Eder. "Which is why we're issuing guidance on how to go about this process to ensure schools are protected."

In order to offer the best, straightforward advice, Epic has developed their own "Buyer's Beware" list, designed to inform and educate the target audience of Texas-based school districts:

  • No Window Film is Bulletproof

Commercial-grade security window film is not bulletproof but can be instrumental in delaying intrusion – provided the polyester sheeting thickness is 4-15 mm and is properly attached to the window frame with an impact protection adhesive such as 3M IPA. An impact protection adhesive is imperative to make windows and doors intruder resistant. Standard window film is only 2 mm and not suitable to provide safety and security protection.


  • Application Requires Trained Installers

Security film in the 4-15 mm range is difficult to cut, apply, and install - and requires trained professionals who know what they're doing. Unauthorized installers may not be able to apply and seal the film in a manner consistent with its intended rating and performance parameters.


  • There is a Process for Applying for Grant Money

Many school districts remain unaware of the application process for accessing the different TEA School Safety and Security Funds and formula grants set aside for security film installation. Authorized 3M window film dealers can offer direct assistance in applying for the necessary funds.

Provided school districts and educational institutions go about the process the right way, there are multiple benefits to having breach-resistant security film sourced and installed properly on campuses across Texas. Benefits such as energy savings, sun protection, and security are all at stake, which is why those responsible for compliance to the TEA-mandated requirements must locate and source their installation and application from an authorized security window film installer. The 2023–2025 Safety Standards Rule Components can be found on the TEA website. For more information on the TEA-mandated guidelines and requirements, please visit Epic at

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