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As you may recall from last summer, my family has a small cabin in the mountains of Colorado. After visiting it last summer, Jeb and I decided that we were going to become “ColoRats.” Nothing is more peaceful than a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no internet or cell reception. True to o…


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  • Along with our deeply loyal print subscribers, we have 2.5M page views monthly at VictoriaAdvocate.com, 55K Facebook followers, 15K Twitter and Instagram followers -- and a growing reach through our e-newsletters.
  • By building the Discover 361 calendar brand with all these tools and your support, this service is the one-stop shop for a community events calendar. Anyone can enter events onto the calendar. Anyone can add links and video. This calendar widget may be added to any website in the community. Our calendar is built with responsive design so it can be seamlessly viewed on our app, mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • We also have a real-live person dedicated to helping anyone having problems posting events or trouble using the Discover361 calendar in any way. For help with posting your event, contact at Sandy Turner or at Elena Watts

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Proving that you can’t keep a good horse down, almost two decades after DreamWorks Animation brought audiences “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron,” the Kiger Mustang returns to the big screen in an all-new epic adventure based on the Netflix series “Spirit Riding Free,” which debuted in 2017.…

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