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Episode 80

Our visit to South Carolina's Bee City was a sweet one. From bottling honey, attempting to make candles and of course, suiting up and going in to meet the real stars, the ladies of the hive. Scientists predict without honeybees, humans couldn't survive more than 4 years since they pollinate the majority of the world's food supply. Learn more about these amazing, tiny creatures and have fun along the way! If bees don't get you buzzing, enjoy the lemurs, goats, parakeet paradise, and many other animals we met in this episode! All Rights Reserved. Visit us on facebook! Fur Real TV


All Rights Reserved.

Fur Real TV

A celebration of all things animal. From cute and cuddly to slithery and squeamish, Fur Real TV is all about animals! Fur Real TV offers viewers memorable, humorous and inspiring stories involving pets and the people they impact. Exotic. Domestic. Homeless. Wild. Award-Winning Journalist Jenny Fisher covers a wide array of critters while engaging, educating and entertaining a wide audience.

Fur Real TV is a 30 minute, weekly show airing in 13 counties of South Texas, predominantly around the Victoria area. Join Jenny at 11:00 Saturday mornings on KAVU-TV 25 for Fur Real TV. Fur Real TV is also listed in your TV Guide.

About Jenny

Jenny (Fisher) Davis is the host and owner of Fur Real TV…and as you may expect, she’s crazy about animals.

Jenny is an award-winning journalist and spent nearly a decade as a broadcast news journalist. She served as a reporter and morning anchor at ABC affiliate KAVU-TV in Victoria, TX. She later accepted a general assignment reporter position with NBC affilitate WCBD-TV in Charleston, South Carolina. Within months, she was promoted to Crime Reporter.

Jenny earned awards from The Associated Press, RTNDA (Radio, Television News Directors Association) and South Carolina Broadcaster’s Association. She was even named Reporter of the Year for the state of South Carolina by the RTNDA and nominated for an Emmy!

Animals have always played a prominent role in Jenny’s life. She rode horses before she walked and the world still looks best to her when seen between the ears of her Quarter Horses. Dogs and cats are her weak spot…always have been and always will. She has two spoiled cats and a grey- faced, snoring hound cross that beats her to bed each night.

Jenny believes shelter pets make the best pets. She adopted her fur babies and passionately promotes shelter pet adoption while encouraging owners to spay/neuter their pets.

Perhaps the love for animals runs in her genes. Her mother, Renee Wheeler, founded Victoria, Texas’ first no-kill animal shelter, Adopt-A-Pet. Jenny dove into the shelter world not by choice as a child as she kenneled weekends and later in high school, but seeing beautiful, adoptable pets facing death made an impact. You won’t find a bigger advocate for shelter pets than Jenny.

Jenny’s animal enthusiasm and experience goes beyond domestic pets; she grew up with exotic critters such as snakes, a skink, chameleons and lizards, to name a few. There were also the childhood pets Jenny has no plans of replacing including moody hamsters, mice, a ferret she attempted to save with CPR, a handsome rabbit, a sweet rat that could qualify for senior discounts, and a goldfish who reportedly died from watching too much television.

There aren’t many critters Jenny doesn’t love. In turn, she enjoys sharing her stories and experiences with you! After all, whether you are an “animal person” or not, there’s no doubt animals impact all of our lives in some manner.

Jenny grew up in South Texas in the Victoria/Goliad area. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and a Minor in Spanish. And now, she’s bringing you Fur Real TV. Enjoy!

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