The Bandit STEM Electrophoresis Kit from miniPCR bio gives educators an interactive way to introduce their students to biotechnology

The Bandit STEM Electrophoresis Kit from miniPCR bio gives educators an interactive way to introduce their students to biotechnology

Kit offers educators an affordable springboard into the study of biotechnology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- miniPCR bio, a manufacturer of scientific tools for educators and researchers, today announced the launch of the Bandit™ STEM Electrophoresis Kit, an educational electrophoresis system. Bandit is a safe, low-cost STEM activity kit students can use to build and run a working gel electrophoresis system, and in so doing, develop a deep understanding of this essential laboratory tool.

"An electrophoresis rig is simply a filter used separate DNA molecules, one that is powered by an electric field. Through its stripped-down, DIY approach, Bandit requires its user to understand this, and that makes it especially powerful as a classroom tool," said Dr. Sebastian Kraves, co-founder of miniPCR bio.

A cornerstone technique in a modern biology laboratory, gel electrophoresis can be used to separate DNA segments based on their size. Common applications include diagnostics, forensic analysis, and environmental monitoring. Classroom electrophoresis systems open these areas of study to students as young as middle school.

As a maker of educational biotechnology, miniPCR bio makes laboratory equipment suitable for use in classrooms, with the intent of fostering scientific literacy and equipping students with relevant skills. "The teachers in our audience were looking for an on-ramp to introduce their students to biotechnology," said Dr. Ezequiel Alvarez Saavedra, co-founder of miniPCR bio. "Bandit is a standalone kit that can serve as that on-ramp."

Bandit is expected to appeal to teachers in both physical science and life science classrooms; in building the system, students must apply physics concepts like circuits, charge, and electricity even as they pursue answers to biological questions. And while the system was built with teachers and students in mind, its portability and USB operation also lend it to use in minimalist field laboratories.  

With launch pricing at US$75, Bandit is an order of magnitude more affordable than typical classroom electrophoresis systems. miniPCR bio hopes this will encourage adoption by users that were previously priced out of hands-on biotechnology education.

Bandit is currently available for global distribution.

About miniPCR bio

Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, miniPCR bio is a global life sciences company built by a team of scientists and is principally engaged in the design, development and manufacture of advanced biotechnology systems, products and services. The company specializes in the development of equipment and curriculum for classrooms, with the goal of expanding access to biotechnology to learners everywhere.

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