Riverside Labor Day Golf Pairings

Aug. 28, 2008 at 3:28 a.m.

Labor Day Pairings

Following are Saturday’s first round pairings for the annual Labor Day Golf tournament to be held at Riverside Golf Course.

Championship Flight

White Course, 1 p.m.

1A - Al Wilkes and David Hoffman; Jeff New and Ike Meitzen

1B - Joe Flores Jr. and Mark Kennon; Donavan Dekowski and Steve Franz

2B - Doug Wilson and Jeff Massey; Claude Bridges and Mark Bazan

First Flight

White Course, 1 p.m.

2A - Wesley Stapleton and Keith Stapleton; John Gonzalez and David Clark

3 - Steve Stapleton and Shane Stapleton; Mike Billings and Jeff Jones

4A - Tom Hawes and Jim Linam; Steve Bolle and Kevin Iraggi

4B - B.J. Rubio and Kenny Vontur; Noe Torres and David Mitcherling

5A - Grant Murray and Bryan Murray; Bobby Bell and Dennis Hunt

5B - Ray Bazan and Daniel Reyna; Shawn Hallett and Leif Toombs

6A - Charlie Farias and Heber Lacerda; Mark Reyes and Richie Reyes

6B - Tommy Minatrea and Lee Pribyl; Darren Salas and Victor Suarez

7B - Walt Bristow and Mike Gravel; Craig Hayden and David George

Second Flight

Blue Course, 1 p.m.

1A - Barry Hartmand and Ted Teinert; Tally Ramos and Sal Perez

1B - Max Gonzales and Al Saurez; David Perez and Lupe Perez

2 - Troy McIntosh and Felix Garza; Joe Skrabanek and Henry Day

3A - Lawrence Cortez and Raul Chapa; Matt Reichenau and Tommy Meuth

3B - Mike Bridges and Paul Boucher; Larry Fowler and Mark Knobles

4B - Chad Brown and Dean Tullis; Bud Hankins and Jason Hankins

White Course

7A - Kerry Kahlich and Gene Stroman; Jeff Johnson and Jimmie Williams

9A - Jey Lee and Matt Lee; Scott Fimbel and Dan Richards

9B - Mike Wortham and Bubba Creager; Richard Vasquez and Bucky Lee

Third Flight

Blue Course, 1 p.m.

4A - Randy Lantz and Steve Lantz; Eddie Stainthorpe and Roy Moya

6A - Matt Wendel and Randal Rivera; Roland Reyes and Carlos Chavana

6B - Joe Gomez and Jim Quitta; Carl Koch and Steven Koch

7A - Ronnie Benner and Rez Regan; Rick Moya and Don Moya

7B - Tommie Holt and Harold Carroll; Tim Pair and Kyle Pair

8A - John Alvarado and Paul Mascorro; Larry Pullin and Greg Cummings

8B - Jamie Wright and Stanley Koenig; Willie T. Porter and Johnny Jones

9A - Bradley Johnston and Ernie Helwig; Dale Hildebrandt and Tracy Blake

9B - Roosevelt Williams and Willie C. Porter; Randy Pilsner and Steve Meacham

Fourth Flight

White Course, 8 a.m.

1A - Chris Janak and Steve Van Mannen; Clay Crockett and David Crockett

1B - Jerry Weiser and Ed Hunt; Mickey Daugherty and Les Hayes

2A - David Garcia and Larry Pullin; Melvin Ross and Ron Sitka

2B - George Salinas and Tony Garza; David O’Bryan and Richard Flowers

3 - Joe Brymer and Joe Bassano; David Schneider and John Riggs

4A - Richard Garcia and Gilbert Galvan; Gregory McCurry and Cleve Franks

4B - John H. Post and John Post; Ike Gerdes and Duane Slatter

5B - Phillip Williams and Ernie Garcia; Jerome Rozsypal and Shawn Fowler

Fifth Flight

White Course, 8 a.m.

5A - Kevin Psencik and Michael Psencik; Kevin Mobley and Brian Kennemer

6A - Tracy Rush and Karl Meyer; David Jenkins and Joe Whitley

6B - Dwayne Steadman and Alan Worley; Ronnie Weiss and Bruce Wise

7A - Thomas Orsak and Tim Tinsley; Drew Richards and Don Richards

7B - Mark Gremmer and Greg Greemer; Kyle Lofland and Mark Lauper

9A - Doug Harris and Donald Janis; Joe Barrera and Richard Martinez

9B - Silver Garza and Joe Gonzales; Mitchell Thurman and Lee Lasater

Sixth Flight

Blue Course, 8 a.m.

1A - Russ Brown and Leroy Jurek; Tom Witte and Jim Badgett

1B - Juan Rodriguez and Roberto Rodriguez; John Martin and Mike Klingle

2 - Billy Driver and John Hamilton; Henry Sheppard and E.J. Raley

3A - Buddy Motley and Jan Thurman; Mike Golden and Steve Allen

3B - Jeremy Stanton and John Garcia; John Kolodzey and David Keag

4A - Trini Ramos and Alfred Ramirez; Chauncey Poindexter and Adam Gonzales

4B - Clarence Tomlinson and Duke Tomlinson; Gary Westbrook and Bob Garner

6B - Larry Allen and Isaac Jefferson; Pete Gaona and Moses Zavala

Seventh Flight

Blue Course, 8 a.m.

6A - Ron Bingham and Mike Walton; Bill Ramsey and Jeff Seiler

7A - Tony Kouches and Tony Hunt; Billy Bruce and Rueben Guiterrez

7B - David Mathews and Herb Goana; Allen Leist and Terry Charmasson

8A - Gary Davis and Cory Power; Don Coker and Devin Louget

8B - Frank Milbee and Randy Maddux; Jim Seiler and Jerry Raper

9A - Hank Waters and Jeff Waters; Garry Stroud and Jerry Williams

9B - Henry Hartman and Richard Carpenter; Mark Walton and Craig Bice

Eighth Flight

Red Course, 1 p.m.

1 - Bob Vincent and David Merwin; Fred Champion and Curtis Rau

2 - Byron Strelczyk and Bill Myrick; Bobby Lee and Danny Rokyta

3 - Paul Pribyl and John Pribyl; Glenn Harris and Steve Harris

4 - Ronnie Ross and Jerry Cano; J.T. Harrison and Wade Green

5 - Tom Key and Travis Ernst; Lester Green and Bryan Green

6 - Ran Davidson and Virgil Simms; Rick Cavazos and Richard Reyes Sr.

7 - Kyle Stasny and Mike Unger; James Terry and Dennis Satsky

9 - Royal Thomas and Jason St. Clare; Don Edwards and Troy Hanes; Oscar Barrientes and John Rodriguez

Ninth Flight

Red Course, 8 a.m.

1 - James Burch and Dale Allen; Larry Stroud and Hank Mulkey

2 - Waylon Spiller and Earl Smith; Dirk Meiers and Bud Spaulding

3 - A. Romero and Donnie Koenig; Mike Fimbel and Roger Odem

5 - Mark Golden and Dennis Eillis; Gary Moeller and Larry Hall

6 - Frank Mendieta and Juan Nunez; James Garza and Joe Daniel Garcia

7 - Kirby Rollins and Jeff Finley; Don Pullian and Don Padgett

8 - Shelby Sills and Ken Ratliff; Donald Salais and J.R. Perez

9 - Ralph Giron and George Alvarez; Stanley Delgado and Jesse Delgado



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