iPhone earns high ratings among business users


Jan. 3, 2009 at 5:04 p.m.
Updated Jan. 2, 2009 at 7:03 p.m.

Used to be that a cell phone's main purpose was to send and receive calls when you were on the go and not able to answer your phone at home or at work. Land lines, remember those?

Now thanks to advances in technology we have these super fancy cell phones (also referred to as smart phones) that let you make dinner reservations, navigate your way around a traffic jam using GPS, or send a photo of that ham sandwich you had for lunch to your Flickr account.

One of the popular smart phones is Apple's iPhone. By now most of you are familiar with the iPhone's features; you've either seen the commercials or know someone with an iPhone. iPhone owners are usually the ones at parties showing off the latest cool app they installed on their phone, probably one that emits lighsaber sound effects (Lightsaber Unleashed) or one that can make musical slide shows out of photos taken on your phone (Animoto).

However, the iPhone is much more than a device used to generate modernized parlor tricks for your friends. In November of this year, J.D. Power and Associates ranked the iPhone highest in customer satisfaction for business wireless users. The study conducted by J.D. Power measures five key factors: ease of operation, operating system, physical design, handset features and battery aspects.

When I first heard about the iPhone back in 2007, I thought it was the coolest thing since the calculator watch. However, I had a Blackberry at the time, so I didn't see the need to switch phones (Not to mention the fact that I wasn't so keen on shelling out nearly $500 for a phone). Well, I finally took an iSplurge. It's been four months since I stood in line for three hours on a hot July morning, only to walk out of the local AT&T store with a 16 gigabyte white iPhone. If I had to do it all over again, (buy an iPhone, not the three hours of waiting) I would do it without hesitating.

I'm constantly amazed at the capabilities of the iPhone. Sometimes I forget it's also a phone. Sure, many of the features and applications can be found on other smart phones, but it's the usability of the iPhone that has made me a fan.

I have downloaded a myriad of applications from Apple's App Store, many which may come in handy for business use, such as i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote ($9.99 for full version, lite version is free at the App Store), which allows you to navigate through your Power Point presentation. And if I ever have a need to gain remote access to my computer I use Mocha Remote Desktop ($5.99 for full version, lite version is free). Another app I use is Griffin's iTalk Recorder (free in App Store, $4.99 for ad-free version), a voice recorder for the iPhone.

As more business applications are developed, I'll be sure to add them to my arsenal of apps. But for now, business apps aside, one of my faves is the first one I installed on my iPhone, the PhoneSaber (now known as Lightsaber Unleashed). May the force be with you.

CJ Castillo is the interactivity editor for the Victoria Advocate. Questions about all things tech can be e-mailed to cjcastillo@vicad.com or sent care of Victoria Advocate, P.O. Box 1518, Victoria, TX 77902.



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