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Nov. 3, 2009 at 5:03 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I noticed that the Advocate published a photo from the Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contest in today's (Oct. 27) section entitled, "Your Photos." In the text, I was inaccurately credited, along with John Mastenbrook. In fact, Mastenbrook is an award-winning photographer and accomplished the feat entirely without my assistance.

We entered the contest as a team, but that particular photo was Mastenbrook's.

I was also happy to allow my place, La Querencia, to serve as the locale for our photography. In the contest, photographers are matched with lands in the area, and all photos are taken on those lands.

Also, I'd like to make mention of the hands in the photograph. They belong to Dr. Brent Ortego, a wildlife biologist with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Ortego and a team were on the place banding birds when Mastenbrook happened on him removing the ruby-throated hummingbird from a mist net before banding and releasing the bird.

I recommend that anyone with an interest in either wildlife or photography stop by the First Victoria Bank to see the display. Though previous issues of the Advocate printed other winning photos in color, justice could hardly have been given in newsprint to even those. Additionally, a book of the winning photos is due out soon. Funds from sales support the contest and other non-profit wildlife endeavors.

Walter Crain Womack, McFaddin

Editor's note: We used the information provided by the Coastal Bend Wildlife Photo Contest news release.



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