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Victoria County history books make great gifts

Oct. 28, 2009 at 5:28 a.m.

"The History and Heritage of Victoria County" is now available in three-volume set. The series has won first place awards from the Texas Genealogical Society and received accolades throughout the nation.

Thanksgiving is drawing near and Christmas is not far behind. Are you looking for a special gift? May I suggest "The History and Heritage of Victoria County," now available in a three-volume set. These books are filled with more than 2,400 wonderful stories and 3,000 photographs of early settlers, more recent families, and even newly married couples in Victoria County. The series has won first place awards from the Texas Genealogical Society and received accolades throughout the nation.

Once you begin reading the memoirs written by family members and submitted to the Victoria County Genealogical Society, you will not be able to put the books down because one family story leads to the next. The founding families in our area have histories that are surely not dull or boring, and today their descendants carry on their traditions in Victoria and surrounding counties.

Doris Obsta, leader of the editing and publishing team, reminds us the three-volume set makes an excellent gift for anniversaries, Christmas or birthdays. To purchase, call Doris at 361-575-4303 for more information or e-mail her at Volumes I and II are $129 plus $10 for shipping and handling and Volume III is $75 plus $5 for shipping and handling.

The Victoria County Genealogical Society donates proceeds from the book sales to The Victoria College for the enhancement of genealogical research. To date, $30,000 has been contributed. Congratulations, VCGS.

Life Expectancy of Media Tapes

In a recent newsletter, genealogist Dick Eastman reported on the life expectancy of audio tapes, CDs and DVDs. His conclusion is that audio tapes last the least amount of years because each time they are played they pick up "white noise" or static. CDs and DVDs may last for a hundred years, but problems result from not having the proper equipment to play them. A case in point: do you have eight-track tapes and no machine to play them? How about LP records? Perhaps you can't find a needle for your machine if you even have a record player. Eastman adds, "All this discussion of CD and DVD disks lasting for a century or so is probably moot. Whatever CD or DVD media you choose today, chances are that only museums will have the necessary hardware in 100 years to play today's disks."

As I think of my years of genealogical research and file after file of information fading into the sunset, my heart sinks. Once again I urge our readers to make copies of their genealogy and family history. Reproduce photographs on quality paper designed to be archival safe. The next step is to share your research and photographs with all family members because genealogy is meant to be shared and not held in your secret filing drawer. The Mormons have a wonderful saying, "Families are forever." Therefore, it behooves each of us to preserve and share our family history discoveries.

Happy Researching.

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