Some area agencies cancel elections

April 17, 2010 at 7:04 p.m.
Updated April 16, 2010 at 11:17 p.m.

The city and school elections are set for May 8.

Early voting will be April 26 through May 4.

Many entities have already canceled their elections because the races were uncontested.

Below is a list of area entities, candidates and which ones have canceled their elections.

Calhoun County

Calhoun school district

Trustee, at-large -

Linda Bonar, incumbent;

Michael Hawes

District 2 - Joe Ortiz, incumbent

District 3 - Brenda Wilson, incumbent; Mark Rose


City council

Mayor - Elmer DeForest

Council, at-large, two to be elected - Wesley Cunningham, incumbent; Robert Chatham, incumbent; Don Miller

Council, at-large (special election) - Wesley Hunt, incumbent

Port Lavaca

City Council

District 5 - Jim Ward, Mike Elgin; incumbent Tom Innes did not seek for re-election

Elections for council member District 4 and mayor were canceled because they were unopposed.

Point Comfort

City Council

Mayor - Pam Lambden, incumbent

Council, at-large,two to be elected - Jan Kneupper, Mitchal McBride, Stephen Lambden and George Hernandez. Incumbents Cary Kneupper and Kathy Morris did not seek re-election.

Port O'Connor Municipal Utility District

Directors , at large, two to be elected - Mike Eberhard; Wanda Redding, incumbent; John "Red" Childers, incumbent; Paul Apostalo

DeWitt County


City Council

Mayor, Sara Meyer, David Ruiz. Incumbent Randy Saenz did not seek re-election

District 2, Mark Baros, Esther De Los Santos. Incumbent David Ruiz is running for mayor

District 3, Brad Hedrick, incumbent

School Board

District 1, B.J. Drehr, incumbent;

District 2, Gerard Gonzales, incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.


City council

Place 4, Elorine Sitka, incumbent;

Place 5, Margie McMullen, incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.

School Board

At-large, Brian Schoenemann. Incumbent Billy Goodrich did not seek re-election. Uncontested election canceled.


City council

At-large, three to be elected, Francis Villa, incumbent; Pearlie Buschong, incumbent; Ruben Garcia, incumbent; Manuel Serrano

School board

At-large, three to be elected, Joyce Eichhorn, incumbent, H.R. Krause, incumbent, Jerry Steves, incumbent, Alex Campbell.


City council

At-large, three elected, Patricia Garcia, Tim Osterloh, Rene Garcia, all incumbents Uncontested election canceled.

School board

At-large, two elected, Paul Baumann, incumbent, Tim Voelkel, incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.

DeWitt Medical District

At-large, two elected, Charles Papacek, incumbent, Richard Weber, incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.

Goliad County

City council

Mayor, Jay Harvey

Alderman, at-large, Mike Pena, Matt Bochat, Martha Mullenix, Buddy Zavesky, Ed Carter. Incumbent Roney Powell stepped down.

Uncontested election canceled.

School board

Trustee, District 3 - Roger Camacho; David P. Boyd, incumbent; Brandon Huber; Scott Kocian

District 6 - Richard A. (Dick) Mollicone, incumbent; Jeff Speed; Jimmy Schulze

Jackson County

County Hospital District

Precinct 1 Position No. 1 - Leon Whitley, incumbent; Jimmy Lopez

Precinct 4 Position No. 1 - Barbara Davis, incumbent, Cynthia Bozart.


City Council

District 3 - Maxine Price, Robert Braunholz, incumbent;

District 4 - Jean Anne Sorensen

District 5 - no one filed for office; incumbent Mario Mojica did not seek re-election.

School District

District 6 - John Morrow, incumbent, Jan Bone

District 3 Patrick Brzozowski, incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.


City Council

Mayor - Clinton Tegeler, incumbent

At-large, two elected, Michael Konarik, Ventura Gobellan Jr. Incumbent LaMoine Orsak did not seek re-election. Uncontested election canceled.

School District

Place 1 - Donnie Tegeler, incumbent

Place 2 - Pierce Thedford, incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.

La Ward

City Council

Mayor - Richard Koch, incumbent, Joel Hunt

At-Large, Gary Armstrong, incumbent; Jerry Lang, incumbent; Chris Williams, incumbent; Sue Hunt, Steve Raab.

Industrial School District

At-large - Delano Kinsfather, incumbent, Tammy Henderson Gendke, Lee Lewis. Incumbent Paul Littlefield did not seek re-election.

Lavaca County


City Council

Place 1, Elmo Grant

Place 3, Alice Jo Summers

Place 4, Stephen Hunter, all incumbents. Uncontested, election canceled.

School board

Place 4, Mark W. Schneider, incumbent, Basillia Adams, Billy Barrera, Michael K. Mills

Place 5, Herb Beyer, incumbent, Paul Cook, Melissa Leopold, Robin Berger Scott, Susan Seay


City Council

At-large, three elected, August Jaehne, incumbent, Lawrence Kurtz, incumbent, Linda Rigby, incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.

School board

Place 3, Dan Stafford, incumbent;

Place 5, Brandon Welch, Rusty Mills. Incumbent Laura Kaspar did not seek re-election.

Place 6, Tim Kalich, incumbent


City Council

Place 3, Lester Hohensee, incumbent, Travis Hill

Place 4, Ervin Patek, incumbent

Place 5, Gregory "G.R." Berckenhoff, incumbent, Gussie Machalec.

School board

Place 1, Sheryl Zimmerman, incumbent

Place 2, Gernadette Geissen, incumbent; Andrea Swartz

Place 3, Stephanie Fojtik, incumbent; Rhonda Braeuer.

Lavaca Medical District

Place 2, Roseanne Gallia, incumbent;

Place 4, Baiba Pustejovsky, incumbent;

Place 6, John R. Morton. Incumbent Betty Williams did not seek re-election. Uncontested election canceled.

Yoakum Hospital District

At-large, two elected, Roger L. Lee, Gery B. Maneth, both incumbent. Uncontested election canceled.

Refugio County

Refugio school district

District 1 - Eugene Lewis, incumbent;

District 3 - Gorge A. Jaso, incumbent;

District 5 - Ronald Williams, incumbent; Edith Collins.

Refugio County Memorial

Hospital District

Director Place 1 - Art Loya, incumbent; Marjorie Shaw;

Place 2 - Clifton Pfeil;

Place 3 - Glen Naylor;

Place 4 - Sandra Ermis

Refugio city council

Alderman, Place 3 - Ron Nelson, incumbent;

Place 4 - Frank Hosey, incumbent; William H. Bill Rayburn

Place 5 - Wanda H. Dukes, incumbent; Ruben Garcia.

Woodsboro city council

Alderman, Place 3 - Minerva Falcon Cisneros, incumbent; Carl E. Arnold

Place 4 - Jeanette Chandler, incumbent; Fred Carr; Elix Ortiz;

Place 5, Jimmy Blaschke, incumbent

Woodsboro School board

Trustee, Place 6 - Bob Cramer, incumbent; Tim Moses.

Trustee, Place 7 - Isaac Jaramillo, Jessica Blaschke; incumbent Marina Garcia is not seeking re-election.

Bayside city council

Mayor - Billy Paul Fricks, incumbent; Ken Dahl

Council: Place 2 - Robert Moreno and Mary Ann Steindorf; incumbent David Vega is not seeking re-election.

Place 3 - Janet Christensen and Sharon Scott, incumbent

Refugio County Drainage

District No. 1

Commissioner - Ervin L. Williams, Jackie Hanselmann, Douglas Wolfshohl, Charlie Farias, Craig A. Linhart and Matias Canales

Austwell School District

Election canceled

Austwell city council

Election canceled. Names unavailable because town has not sent cancellation to elections administrator.

Refugio County WCID 1 and 2

President - Richard M. Sessions

Vice President - Jaime Gonzales

Secretary - Carroll Edge

Director - Arthur Summers Jr.

Director - Lavinia Diaz

Victoria County


City council

Mayor - Will Armstrong incumbent; Robin Holy; Michelle Anne "Chelle" Nickerson

Super District 5 - Emett Alvarez, Joe Truman, incumbent

Super District 6 - Jeff Williams, Tom Halepaska, incumbent

Victoria school district

District 1 - James Murphy Sr., incumbent

District 6 - Bernie Klimist, incumbent

District 7 - Michael DiSanto, incumbent Ray Walden stepped down. Uncontested election canceled.

Victoria College

Trustee, District 4 - Robby Burdge;

Trustee, District 6 - Kay McHaney for District 6. Uncontested election canceled.



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