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Victoria College Artist of the Month: Jennifer Rachid


April 21, 2010 at midnight
Updated April 21, 2010 at 11:22 p.m.

Jennifer Rachid, 19, was named the Victoria College Student Artist of the Month for her black and white series of photographs exploring the relationship between women and their makeup.

Jennifer Rachid has heard it more times than she can count. Without makeup on, many of her female acquaintances would lament how it made them feel worse about themselves.

It was this common complaint that inspired her series of photographs exploring the relationship between women and their makeup and how they felt about themselves. The black and white series, which includes eight photographs, helped Rachid win the honor of being named Victoria College's Student Artist of the Month, art professor Shreepad Joglekar said. Throughout the month, Rachid's photography will be displayed in the Victoria College president's office.

"I'm not saying makeup is bad, I love makeup. But my hope is that women reflect on why they are using makeup and realize that they are beautiful without it," Rachid said. "Sometimes, we do it for ourselves or to make a good impression, but my question is, why don't we feel that a first impression looking natural is the best one? I think it's important for people to reflect on that."

Rachid, 19, added the series is a work in progress and she's still developing different branches of it.

"It's branching off into everything we do to keep up our image, everything we do for maintenance," she said, adding her career goals include photojournalism. "It's going in multi-directions, from nail salons to plastic surgery."



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