Oceans for Emotions: Look forward to new horizons

April 29, 2010 at midnight
Updated April 29, 2010 at 11:30 p.m.

"I go to prepare a place for you."

By Elaine Wheat

Today, I sat beside the sea and watched a little, old boat that I knew so well sail out into the sun and across the horizon.

I sat on the beach at my favorite place and watched until the little boat was gone, but of course, it wasn't really gone. It had only gone to where I could no longer see it.

It wasn't because of limited vision that I couldn't see it, for sight is really limitless or else we couldn't see the stars way off in the sky.

Even the inner eye is boundless or we could not see the dreams we view for ourselves, the aspirations we seek for our children, or the hopes we envision for the future.

I couldn't see the little boat simply because it had gone from my world where I sat, to its own new world by following the curve of the earth, the path it was destined to take.

I surely missed that boat when I no longer could see it. I had to understand, though, that we were at different places on our seas of life.

It would have been just selfish of me to wish that it had always stayed there where I could enjoy watching it.

My boat had to go away from me so that it could finally reach its full potential of perfection.

Someday, that little boat will watch me as I sail across that same horizon that it did, and we will again share the same world, our new world together.

Going and letting go is hard, but it makes for a richer life in the end.

Dear Lord, we all look forward to new horizons, but we fear them, too. Help us to know that each new horizon is where the earth and seas meet heaven and that must be a very good place because You have prepared it for each of us.



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