Callers talk about tattoos, other topics

Aug. 6, 2010 at 3:06 a.m.

Yes, I am colorfully tatooed, I added my fifth one just this summer, and I plan on getting a few more. Each one has a special significance. By the way, I am a schoolteacher, and my kids think they are awesome.

Joanne, Lolita

In regards to the stabbing tragedy that happened at the house party on West Beck Road, I am hoping that there is an investigation into the good-time partying and drinking that was mentioned by one of the girls at the party. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I don't think they were drinking Kool-Aid.

Kathy, Victoria

I got no problem with a tattoo or two, but the dreaded neck tattoo is the dumbest display of art I have ever seen.

It should look real nice when you get older and show off to your grandkids.

Jefro, Cuero

I wanna tell you, this mess that you got in the paper about these tattoos is disgusting. I think they're nasty; they show poor taste, and you're just encouraging people to get them. I don't approve of it.

Maria, Victoria

No matter how hard they try to fix downtown Victoria, it will never be complete because several years ago, someone made the stupid decision to destroy the two movie theaters that were right across the square from each other where two large banks now stand.

I was so sad when I returned to Victoria and saw what they had done.

These two theaters added so much to our history and downtown attractions, and now they're gone.

Elaine, Victoria

I really like the changes that the Advocate has made. It's a lot of interesting articles now; it's just a fun paper to read.

Madoline, Halletsville

Get this out on the news wire - wouldn't let anyone build a mosque beside the battle ship Arizona in Pearl Harbor, would you? So the answer is NUTS! Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Marvin, Bay City

I still want to know what the wives do during Poco Bueno.

Moe, Cuero



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