Save money on dress code; shop during tax-free weekend

By the Advocate Editorial Board
Aug. 9, 2010 at 3:09 a.m.

Parents and students can plan wisely to meet the requirements of the Victoria school district's new dress code - get what you need during the tax-free weekend, just before school starts.

Remember, a standardized dress code has been a topic for a couple of years in the school district. Now, it is reality. The Victoria school board approved the standardized code on Feb. 17 to take effect this fall.

A dress code at the secondary level - not the elementary school level - was considered important because it was thought that clothes and appearance should not distract from the learning processes during classes.

No doubt, many students have worn inappropriate clothing for a learning environment during past school years. Hopefully, this practice will cease and the new dress code will aid concentration on studies in class.

We've said it before. With a standardized dress code - not particularly uniforms - parents could save money on school clothes, and students wouldn't have to worry about wearing the latest, greatest styles. And we think a standardized dress code is easier to enforce and manage.

So take advantage of the Aug. 20-22 tax-free weekend. You will be able to get the accepted apparel at local retailers sans sales tax.

We must emphasize that enforcement of the new standardized dress code is imperative. No code will work without enforcement. We urge administrators and faculty to be ever aware of violations. If students abide by the dress code, the environment will be greatly improved.

We wish parents and students well in the coming year. Look for the Advocate's explanation of the tax-free weekend in its Sunday edition on Aug. 15. Be ready to take advantage of this year's tax-free weekend.

This editorial reflects the views of the Victoria Advocate's editorial board.



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