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East Titans band readies for new traditions


Aug. 10, 2010 at 3:10 a.m.
Updated Aug. 11, 2010 at 3:11 a.m.

Kelsey Vasquez marches in step with the Victoria East High School band during practice Monday morning. The heat and glare off the parking at the new school added to the intensity of the practice.

Students huddled behind the shade of vehicles while on a break in the Victoria East High School parking lot Tuesday.

"It's been great," said band director David Edge, about the camp. "The kids are working hard and accelerating at a very high pace."

Practice is grueling for the 124-member band and often involves sacrifice, students said.

"Sometimes I think I see the band more than I see my parents," said Allison Childs, a senior alto saxophone player.

None seemed to mind the hours of practice in scorching heat or sweat-drenched marching routines.

"You feel like you have a second family," said Rachel Parkinson, a senior flute player. "A home away from home."

Many await the start of the school year and new traditions to form.

"Our leadership has been doing some things that have never been done before," Edge said.

"We're trying to be more goal-oriented this year," Allison said. The band has a huge poster with a list of goals hanging in the hallway to remind them of their commitments she said.

What kind of new traditions or activities do you hope will start this next year?

"More family relationships. We're just like a big family. We march together, we sweat together."

- Daniel Mejia, trumpet player, senior

"Hopefully each section can keep the tradition of having a section mascot."

- Alanna Zamora, flute player, freshman

"I've always wanted to have a band lock-in and if it doesn't happen this year then I hope it happens in the future."

- Meredith Williams, drum major, senior

"To do the best that you can whenever you have competitions. Not to be a second-time band."

- Rachel Parkinson, flute player, senior

"We're trying to be more goal-oriented this year."



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