Austin artists to perform in Theatre Victoria's original, all Texas 'A Lone Star Night'

By Alice Adams
Aug. 18, 2010 at 3:18 a.m.
Updated Aug. 19, 2010 at 3:19 a.m.



Two Austin performers will be part of Theatre Victoria's "A Lone Star Night" this weekend.

The two have worked together before.

More than a year ago, Austin native and actor-vocalist Kara Bliss began working with singer/songwriter/arranger Adam Donmoyer on radio musicals for National Public Radio, written by Charles Moster, now producing artistic director for Theatre Victoria.

She is considering performing a song written by Moster this weekend.

"I'm connecting with a sweet love song, 'I Adore You So,' that Charles wrote. It's such a beautiful song with such beautiful words, I think it should be sung at every wedding," she said. "So often, as an actor, you have to bridge between what's on the page and what's authentic. That's not necessary with Charles' writing because the words and music obviously come from his heart."

Donmoyer is looking forward to appearing in "A Lone Star Night."

"Theatre Victoria is an amazing facility," he said. "There's so much talent in and around Victoria, so Charles is bringing something very special to the theater. I love the music and have done some of the arrangements, so I'm hoping the audience will enjoy hearing the music as much as we enjoyed composing and arranging it."

Donmoyer has also taught at the South Austin School of Music for the past nine years and still writes songs. One of those, which he'll perform this weekend, is "I Can't Believe How Beautiful You Are," was written for his oldest son, Milo, 5.

"I was trying to put him to sleep and got out my guitar and started making up words," he remembered. "Surprisingly, Milo went right to sleep, so I wrote down the words on scraps of paper, which is how I usually work, and then transferred the guitar version to the piano.

"The hard thing is now I owe my youngest son a song," he concluded. "I'm working on one, but just haven't finished it yet. I'm almost there."

Bliss is looking forward to her return to Victoria.

"I was a violin major in college and attended The University of Texas on a music scholarship. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to play in Victoria's annual Bach Festival for several years...and each visit was such a wonderful experience."

She also visited Victoria several times with her former husband who performed with the Victoria Ballet's "The Nutcracker."

More recently, she played a dramatic role in Austin's annual Shakespeare in the Park.

Bliss has two degrees from the University of Texas - a bachelor of fine arts and a bachelor of journalism. She works as senior vice president of business development for Independence Title Company.

Donmoyer's passion for music was fueled by his elementary school music teacher, Becky Burns.

"She made music fun, encouraged me to sing and put me in school shows," he said. "She taught me to play the autoharp and gave me a part in the school band, so all of that was really appealing to me."

Passing on his love for music to his son Milo, the two often perform together - Donmoyer on the piano and Milo on drums - in their band, "Rock-A-Ronie and Cheese."

He's been collaborating with Moster since 1999 when Moster, then a practicing attorney, was working on a millennial musical.

Alice Adams is president of Alice Adams Communications in Houston and Austin. She serves as a consultant, co-author, author and editor for numerous projects. She lives in Austin. Contact her at



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