City, school district to examine campus traffic issues


Aug. 24, 2010 at 3:24 a.m.

Long lines of traffic greeted students and parents on the first day of school at the new high schools.

Long lines of traffic greeted students and parents on the first day of school at the new high schools.

The city will work with the school district and the Texas Department of Transportation to find a way to ease traffic around the new high school campuses.

The problem was briefly discussed at a Metropolitan Planning Organization meeting Tuesday afternoon.

Randy Bena, area engineer with TxDot, said he received phone calls all day Monday and some Tuesday about the traffic situation.

"It's just a group effort to try and solve the problem now," he said.

Ray Miller, deputy director of development services for the city, said he hopes to look for simple ways of solving the problem, like ride-sharing and promoting more students to ride the bus.

"Some of those are minor changes, but those changes add up," he said.

Changes like adding second entrances to the schools may not be needed, depending upon how traffic patterns change over the next few weeks.

Diane Boyett, communications director for the school district, said the district will continue to monitor the situation to see if additional entrances are the solution. She stressed for parents to plan ahead and that bus-riding could help alleviate the problem.

"Parents do not have to create long lines of traffic if they let their children ride the bus," she said.

Boyett said additional entrances were considered during the planning stages of the schools, but were considered unfeasible along Ben Jordan Street near Victoria East High School and unsafe along Loop 463.

At Victoria West High School, a second entrance along Zac Lentz Parkway was not possible because the land between the school and the road is private property.

She said traffic conditions improved Tuesday morning and believes traffic will continue to subside.

"We feel very confident that as the school year progresses, the traffic issues will be lessening considerably," she said. "Those first couple of weeks of school are not indicative of what it is for the entire school year."



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