Ranging Reporter update: Do you think the school dress code is too strict, not strict enough or just right?

Aug. 24, 2010 at 3:24 a.m.

Ranging Reporter J.R. Ortega talked to people at Ramsey's Restaurant about the school dress code.

A: "I think it's just right. I think it still gives kids choices of colors."

Tracy Bures, Victoria, dental assistant

A: "I think it's too strict. I think it's ridiculous. What a kid wears doesn't affect how they learn."

Todd Bures, Victoria, plant operator

A: "It should be strict, and I agree with the dress code. You have to be persistent about it though."

Victor Mendoza, Victoria, engineer

A: "I think it's just right. It helps to make everyone equal as far as social status."

Tommy Harris, Fannin, corrections officer



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