CScope: Happy to not deal with it

Dec. 7, 2010 at 6:07 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

I read with interest that the editors supported the CScope curriculum. I do not think that any of the editors has spent the last 27 years teaching in public schools. I have taught science grades 5 to 12 and mathematics grades 5 to 9. I have seen numerous programs come and go that were suppose to be the salvation of the students and teachers.

Forcing teachers to put a square peg in a round curriculum hole does not work.

CScope was written by various Educational Service Centers.

These centers make money and exist if they have a program that school districts purchase. CScope is an expensive program to purchase and maintain. Once a school district has obligated itself to purchase a program, they want to see results of teachers using it. Teachers who do not use a program are given poor teacher performance reports and put on a professional growth plan subject to none contract renewal.

I was fortunate the courses (AP Biology and Human Anatomy and Physiology ) I taught did not fall into the CScope curriculum. I watched the other science teachers struggle with the training and CScope curriculum.

I voiced my opinion about CScope when asked. I am just glad I am retired and do not have to be forced-fed a curriculum that may or may not fit the needs of the students. I suggest that readers go to and read various teacher comments about CScope.

Mike Stern, Yorktown



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