Cashmere and Camo: Breaking through the feminine stereotypes

Dec. 20, 2010 at 6:20 a.m.

Rosy the Riveter symbolizes the ability of women to match their male counterparts in the workplace.

Victoria resident Holly Jedlicka, or Holly the Hunter if you will, has taken that notion to a new level.

To meet Holly and her daughter Morgan on the street, you might not immediately guess they partake in this male-dominated sport. They love shopping, scrapbooking and "blinging it up." But come hunting season, they don their best camo, weapons and more, dragging their husband/father and son/brother out to the deer lease to get their game on.

"Whenever I first met my husband, I went to the deer lease with him, but I pretty much stayed at the camp. That just wasn't really my thing," Holly said. "Ten years ago, he bought me a bow for my birthday. He brought it home and my first remark was 'What do you want me to do with this thing?' He said, 'I want you to try it and hunt with me.' ... I was like 'Diamonds would have been better, but OK.'"

It didn't take long to get her hooked.

"Opening morning of bow season that year, I killed my first doe. That first shot, it was just an adrenaline rush. Now I'm all gung-ho about it. I think I want to be there more than he does. "

A seventh-grader in Victoria who's been in a rifle stand since she was a baby, Morgan is just as enthusiastic, without much reproach from her classmates.

"Most of my friends also hunt, so I fit in well," she said. "I still like to do girly things."

No different to her than the cheerleading, tennis, theater and art activities she does in school, Morgan takes her rifle to the deer lease every year for quality family fun, something Holly said she cherishes about hunting.

"I was very much not into the whole getting dirty and all of that. Now, it's so much fun and I have my children's undivided attention. We're in the middle of nowhere, no signal usually on the cell phones. It's good family time."

They also enjoy showing up the boys. Holly has shot the biggest buck so far on the lease, a 14-pointer, and Morgan's biggest has been an 8-pointer.

Whether it's a trophy or just the relaxing calm of the outdoors with family, the stereotype-busting pair can't wait to see what they come away with this year.



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