College Q&A: UHV spring courses cover topics from yoga to bioterrorism

Dec. 21, 2010 at 6:21 a.m.
Updated Jan. 5, 2011 at 7:06 p.m.

By Paula Cobler

I'm thinking about starting my degree at the University of Houston-Victoria. Can you tell me about some of the courses being offered during the spring semester?

Registration for spring classes lasts until Jan. 14, so it's not too late to become a UHV student. UHV is offering many interesting courses during the spring semester, but here is a sampling:

"Coaching as a Career" - Adrian Rigby, UHV's head soccer coach, will teach this education course. Rigby previously was the assistant coach at St. Edward's University in Austin and joined UHV in the spring to coach the new men's and women's soccer teams.

"Phytochemicals, Cancer & Diseases" - This graduate-level class will introduce a biological and clinical approach in cancer and disease prevention. Lecture topics include understanding cancer-causing agents, and the genetics, epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment, protection and psychosocial aspects of cancer. Prevention of heart disease, diabetes and obesity also will be discussed. Guest speakers will include cancer researchers and physicians.

"Unconventional Warfare" - Students in this graduate-level course will study the phenomenon of major world powers fighting in "small" or unconventional wars, such as Vietnam, Algeria, Malaysia, Iraq and Afghanistan. They also will discuss why the largest and most professional armies consistently lose wars against nonindustrial tribal societies.

"Introduction to Creative Writing" - Authors and UHV faculty members Diana Lopez and Christine Granados will teach this new class for undergraduates. Students will study dialogue, setting, scene, language, description, character, beginnings, endings, point of view, tone, voice, ambiance and revision through reading assignments and in-class writing. The second half of the semester will be a workshop format. Students will write a literary piece and share it with the class.

"Bioterrorism & Biosecurity" - Both undergraduates and graduate students taking this course will learn about biological weapons and warfare, and their adverse effects on humans, animals and agricultural products. Security measures for handling biological weapons, sample collection and safe transportation to the analytical lab; evaluation of criminal intent; and local, state and federal emergency readiness, response and recovery to bioterrorism will be examined. The subject matter will be helpful for professionals in security, law enforcement, public health and disaster medicine fields.

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Corrected Jan. 6, 2011

"Hatha Yoga" will not be offered during the spring semester



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