Callers talk about El Camino Real, other topics

Dec. 31, 2010 at 6:31 a.m.

Regarding The Crossroads Trail Road. Under topic it reads "El Comino Real de los Tejas." As indicated, it's improper Spanish. It should either read "El Comino Real de los Tejano's or El Comino Real de Tejas."

Rose, Victoria

I'm just wondering if some teachers who voted Republican in November really knew what was in their future connected to the proposed educational bill in Austin now.

May, Victoria

The last thing the city of Cuero needs is an expanded H-E-B; its prices are high. Cuero's mayor is a former economics teacher. She should know competition drives prices down, not expansion. How about trying to get a hold of an Albertson's or a Super S, or something else so H-E-B can make its prices lower?

Russell, Cuero

Since the president of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce knows that texting while driving diminishes his driving skills, why does he do it? That's not leadership. If you know that the person you are about to hit was someone you cared about, would you still be texting or phoning? Other than 911 calls, there's no reason to use the phone while driving.

Ray, Victoria

The Dream Act does not pay illegal immigrants to get a higher education. And there are requirements to qualify. They are not eligible for federal Pell Grants but able to apply for student loans and work study. Please do your homework before you speak out.

Randy, Port Lavaca

I rarely shop at the Victoria Mall ever since they got rid of the carousel, and then they kicked out Adopt-A-Pet. It's not much fun to go there anymore.

Dorothy, Victoria



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