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VC student receives Jim Lehrer journalism scholarship

July 3, 2010 at 2:03 a.m.

James Soto, right, a Victoria College student, accepts the Jim Lehrer Journalism Scholarship from Jim Lehrer, a Victoria College alumnus, on June 25.

Victoria College student James Soto was presented the 2010 Jim Lehrer Journalism Scholarship by Jim Lehrer on June 25 at the Korean War Conference banquet where Lehrer was the guest speaker.

Soto was eligible to apply for this scholarship based on his grade point average and his field of study. He is a transfer student studying social and behavioral sciences at VC, but plans to transfer in spring of 2012 to complete a degree in journalism. The scholarship award is $1,000 for him to apply toward his tuition, fees, books and supplies over the next academic year at VC.

After he finishes his basics at VC, he said he's leaning toward transferring to Texas State University- San Marcos and hopes to eventually land a job as a writer for a national magazine, although he is interested in newspaper writing as well.

Currently a student worker in the VC bookstore, Soto said he loves to write, especially about people. He's very interested in research that will help him understand the motivations of people that underlie the cause and effect behind current events.

"Meeting Jim Lehrer was a huge honor," said Soto. "He's done so much, but he's still so humble and if I manage to do even a quarter of all that he's done, I'll have a pretty solid career."

So far, most of Soto's writing has been for college assignments, but during the coming academic year at VC, he's looking forward to exploring internships and other writing opportunities to practice his writing skills and get some of his work published.



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