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Local musician gets song featured on MTV's "The Real World"


July 22, 2010 at 2:22 a.m.

Aaron Escalante, aka A08, is a Victoria audio engineering student that just recently had a track he co-wrote featured on an episode of MTV's "The Real World: New Orleans."

Last week, Aaron Escalante had a very good reason to catch the latest episode of MTV's "The Real World: New Orleans."

A song he co-wrote and co-produced was featured in the beginning scenes of the hit series.

Unfortunately, he missed it.

"I didn't even know it was going to be on that episode, I just knew it would be featured on 'The Real World.' I was at a friend's house watching it but missed the part that actually featured the song," Escalante, who goes by the name A08, said.

The song, "Sexy Girl," which was written by Escalante, an audio engineering student from Victoria, and Hadrien Vicedo, aka H.Vice, of California, was featured in the third episode of the show. The two started collaborating while interning at Glenwood Place Studios in Burbank, Calif., Escalante, 20, said.

"The song is a fusion of dance and hip hop, which is really big in L.A. right now. I wrote the verse and he did the main hook," he added. "Since I moved back to Victoria, we mostly collaborate over e-mail."

Music is nothing new to Escalante, who began playing the drums at age 4 and the guitar at 13. Throughout his teen years, he played with several local rock bands and was in the Memorial High School band, he said. He attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Phoenix and is now attending Victoria College pursuing a degree in audio engineering.

He also has his own recording studio in Victoria called Sound Lab Studios.

Busy as he is, he does hope that getting his music aired on national television will help lead to bigger and better things, he said, adding that he is also working independently on a solo album.

"Hadrien and I plan to do a lot more together now that we got a bite on MTV. I'm sure more doors will open now that this little one has," Escalante said.

The "Real World" episode featuring the song can be seen in its entirety at The song "Sexy Girl" is also available for purchase on iTunes.



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