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Two suspects sought in Cuero shooting

Sonny Long

July 22, 2010 at 2:22 a.m.

Two brothers, Eugene Gamez, 42, and Hector "Pico" Gamez, 29, were shot in the driveway of 508 Evers St. according to their father, Frank Gamez.

CUERO - Police are seeking two people in the Wednesday night shooting of two brothers in the driveway of their father's home.

"We have two suspects identified, but aren't releasing any other details at this time," said Cuero Police Capt. Steven Ellis.

Eugene Gamez, 33, and Hector "Pico" Gamez, 29, were shot about 7:30 p.m. at 508 Evers St. and taken by ambulance to Victoria hospitals.

A hospital spokesperson could not comment on their condition at the family's request. Family members also chose not to comment.

On Thursday morning, about a block from the shooting, Kenneth Barnett worked behind the counter at Red Dot, a neighborhood grocery store.

He said he wasn't overly concerned with Wednesday's shooting, but added that the problem in small towns is on the rise.

"It's my understanding that this one was a family thing. They need to get it straightened out," Barnett said.

"But statistically, these kinds of incidents are happening more and more in small towns," he said. "As Victoria grows and gets to be a bigger city, the problems big cities have bubble over to smaller towns around it."

David Ruiz, a longtime Cuero community activist and former city council member, is disheartened by the latest shooting.

"I was very upset this morning. We don't want that here," Ruiz said from his Cuero home on Thursday. "We've been praying about it. We've asked God to rebuke it. Of course, everyone wants it to stop."

Although Ruiz knows the families involved in the first shooting, he said, he doesn't know any specifics about either incident. Talk on the street is consistent, he said.

"I'm just going by hearsay, but it seems to be territorial. I really don't know. All I know is that we're tired of it. It's like the Hatfields against the McCoys. It's not that bad, but it's getting there. It's a big problem.

"We're living the life of the big city in Cuero with all these shootings," Ruiz added. "The things that are going on in Cuero are big city. We have a lot of wannabe gangs. We have a lot of problems here."

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