Ranging Reporter update: Should the federal, state government be able to regulate who can own firearms?

July 27, 2010 at 2:27 a.m.

Ranging Reporter JJ Velasquez was at IHOP Tuesday asking whether the government should be able to regulate who can own firearms.

A: "I believe farmers and people who have hunting licenses, I think they have earned that right. They are not using them to harm other people, but I don't think they should decide that for the people."

Paul Alonzo, unemployed, Victoria

A: "It's a hard question because you can go either way. I think yes and no because it depends on the individual."

Annette Franco, wedding planner, Victoria

A: "Yes. Because if it's a prior felon, I think that should prevent someone from owning a gun, especially if it's a crime committed with a gun."

Linda Sparkman, speech pathologist, Victoria

A: "They supposedly check them when they buy a gun, so they should just leave it like it is."

Randy Shepler, Goliad

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