Callers talk about smoke alarms, immigration, other topics

June 2, 2010 at 1:02 a.m.

I check my smoke alarm batteries every time we change the time.

Beth, Victoria

I don't understand why securing our borders from all types of infiltration hasn't been a part of the military since day one.

Donna, Victoria

This will end the immigration law.

Let's send everybody back where they belong, the Germans back to Germany, the African Americans back to Africa and the Mexicans back to Mexico.

That will end everything.

Jane, Yoakum

I do believe that we are going to get a hurricane this season because of the abundance of turtles crossing the road.

Leona, Victoria

All of those years of buying oil from Saudi Arabia and here we have millions of gallons of oil in our backyard, being spilled into the gulf.

Have we learned anything from this disaster?

Vic, Victoria

The Texas Education Board needs to stop all of this political, liberal, and conservative crap, and stick to history as it happened, good, bad or whatever.

Sue, Edna



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