Ranging Reporter update: Are you prepared for a busier hurricane season?

June 3, 2010 at 1:03 a.m.

It's been reported that this hurricane season will be busier than past seasons. Now, forecasters are upping their original estimations with 18 predicted storms. Ranging Reporter JJ Velasquez was at IHOP Thursday. He asked the question of the day: Are you prepared for a busier hurricane season?

A: "As prepared as you ever are, I guess. I live in an apartment, so I can just leave whenever. It's an old garage apartment, so I wouldn't stick around in that."

Megan Homerstad, teacher, Victoria

A: "I am prepared. I have all the wood prepared to protect my home. We have water ready, and we'll be getting more. We have a place to go to move out of the area if we need to."

Michael Kellett, H-E-B Plus manager, Victoria

A: "No, we're not. We should say yes, right? But we're not."

Gina Cano, college student, Bloomington

A: "Probably not yet. We live by ourselves now. We just recently moved out."

Hilary Hayes, bartender, Victoria

What's a ranging reporter? These reporters go out into the community, regularly filing live reports, photos and video from around the Crossroads region. To contact JJ Velasquez, e-mail jvelasquez@vicad.com or just add a comment to this story.



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