Immigration law further defined

June 3, 2010 at 1:03 a.m.

Editor, the Advocate:

There were three items opportunistically inserted between the pro and con of the topic Arizona Immigration Bill.

The strictest American immigration law is the unenforced federal law, and the reason is that Obama is trying to cater to the Latino vote before November. He is not interested in the safety of Arizona citizens, who are overwhelmed by dangerous invaders from across our borders.

Trespassing: The paper claims it is the first law of its kind ever passed. Almost every state has a no-trespass law. Texans on a deer hunt know very well they can't shoot across nor trespass on the neighboring property, penal code 30.05. The federal trespass law, i.e. immigration, has been on the books for decades, just not enforced. Tell me how you criminalize a criminal? The act of illegal stepping across the international border is called "Criminal Trespass"! Also, millions of illegals have left millions of tons of human waste, clothing, plastics, food scraps and vegetable parts that are or could be an invasive enemy in their own biological manner in the national forests lands all across Arizona, and this is criminal littering trespass.

Proof of status: A federal officer is allowed to stop anyone at any time for inquiry to resident status. In Tucson, Ariz. during 1980, my wife and I were stopped without reason and forced to show identification and prove our citizen/resident status. The state-law check for immigration is only subsequent to a police stop of cause. In the paper, Mr. Ordonez is quoted saying the Arizona Law would lead to racial profiling. If you believe that, then you more than likely believe it isn't necessary for food servers to wash their hands in the restaurant, and the high rate of suicidal auto crashes are caused by high insurance rates - not the other way around.

John A. Henderson, Victoria



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