Ranging Reporter update: What can we do to better care for our disabled veterans?

June 9, 2010 at 1:09 a.m.

A: "Things are a lot better now than when I came back from Vietnam. All the community needs to be made more aware. Not only in Victoria, but other cities."

Humberto Benavides, Victoria resident, Veterans of Foreign Wars junior vice commander

A: "I think they should bring up-to-date all medical facilities to accommodate veterans with severe injuries. Victoria needs something like this. That way, veterans don't have to travel 150 miles to get this kind of care."

Martin Garcia, Victoria resident, district commander Disabled American Veterans

A: "I think most immediately letters of comfort, sympathy, a get-well package. I think secondly, would be to join a group to support a veteran when he returns home to volunteer to be part of a support system."

The Rev. Jose Ortiz, Corpus Christi resident, pastor Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

A: "For the government, they should keep up with their healthcare and financial health."

Juan Ortiz, Corpus Christi resident, retired



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