Construction update: East, Cade get final cleanings


June 12, 2010 at 1:12 a.m.
Updated June 13, 2010 at 1:13 a.m.

Floors in the gym and auditorium  were recently sanded at Victoria West High School.

Floors in the gym and auditorium were recently sanded at Victoria West High School.

Construction continues for the three new schools in the Victoria school district. All three will open in August.

Victoria West High School, Cade Middle School

Sealed concrete floors in area H, started sanding auditorium floors

Continued installing kitchen equipment at high school

Ceramic tile area G corridor and cafeteria at high school

Started installing third floor doors and hardware at high school

Continued installing HVAC grilles in finished grid on first and second floors at high school

Installing first floor millwork in classrooms and administration area, finished area H millwork

Acoustical ceiling grid 99.9 percent complete. Finished installing ceiling tile on second floor at at high school

Finished installing plugs and switches on second floor at high school

Finished installation of gym wood floors in practice gym, started sanding floors at high school

Installed plywood on exterior canopies

Installing insulation board in mechanical rooms

Finished plumbing fixtures on second floor, started first floor fixtures at high school

Installing toilet partitions on second floor at high school

Continued final coat on third floor and second floor classrooms at high school

Installing fire alarm devices on second floor at high school

Finished second floor VCT all classrooms, completed VCT on third floor corridors at high school

Installed toilet accessories at middle school

Working on punch list items all areas at middle school

Installed stage steps

Touch up paint all areas, including door frames in area C and D, sealed concrete floors

Miscellaneous electrical work for added scope in all areas at middle school

Final cleaning at middle school

Continued ext. sprinkler system installation at high school, started planting trees at middle school

Elevator state inspection approval at middle school

Welded guardrails at high school stairs

Received temporary CO status from fire department, city approval June 11

Victoria East High School

Completed punch-outs in area A, B, C, D, H, G, E, second and third floors

Completed final cleaning in area F

Completed ceiling grid, light fixtures, auditorium ceiling installation, carpet installation in area E

Completed final clean, began moving in furniture in area A, B,C,D on third floor

Completed final clean in area A, B,C, D on second floor

Completed tape/ float/ prime walls in classrooms on first floor

Completed ceramic/ wainscot tile on first floor classrooms

Completed millwork, flooring, doors and hardware, light fixtures in library, began moving in library furniture

Completed final cleaning on first floor classrooms



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