Oceans for Emotion: Let go of self control, hold God's hand

June 18, 2010 at 1:18 a.m.

Elaine Wheat

Elaine Wheat

By Elaine Wheat

"... and a little child shall lead them."

On beaches: I have run across them to first cast at first light, searched for shells, flown kites, tied to my 20-pound test line on my rod and reel, cut "donuts" on a Harley because I couldn't find the brakes, weighed in the largest flounder and trout to win a fishing contest and left my footprints of many other memories. But, today, I had the epitome of experiences that tops them all.

I walked the very same beach with my 1-year-old great-grandson, Joseph, who had just come from London to see me and the sea for first time.

Ah, memories. I recalled how about 40 years ago, I had done this wondrous thing with my son, Brad. He was a strong, squirmy, wormy son and hated to have his hand held. I got the good idea of asking him to hold on to Mom's finger, so that she would not fall in the water. He was perfectly content to walk that way, being a tiny control baby who grew into the same kind of man.

About 20 years after that, I took my granddaughter, Marilyn Elaine, on the same beach stroll. Being related to her dad and me, she much preferred to exert her dominance and take my finger as we walked wave side proving that control issues are dominantly inherited.

Now about 20 years later, Joseph screeched in baby profanity, pulled his hand away from his parent's and fell over on the beach and refused to stand in the sand. Brad's favorite saying is, "What comes around, goes around," and Joseph was controlling all of us older wiser ones.

"Gran Granny," that's me, stuck out her hand and asked Joseph to walk me down the beach. The Post Tantrum Stress Disorder ended in a smile I will never forget, as he rose up on his own, took my hand, held one finger and we strolled off with him totally in control.

Dear Lord, help each of us let go of our own self control and hold to Your hand as we walk together down life's beachway.



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