People share their ideas for new business in Victoria


June 21, 2010 at 1:21 a.m.

Dale Fowler

Dale Fowler

From 1824 to the present, Victoria has expanded in all areas. Not only has the population grown, but also the amount of businesses it hosts.

As new businesses have come and gone throughout the years, there will always be some that the people of Victoria wish the city had. Whether it is higher end restaurants, or manufacturing businesses that prosper the economy, local citizens continue to have ideas up their sleeve about what will please the people of Victoria.

What business would you like to see move to Victoria? Why?

The city needs to continue developing a sense of tourism. This will bring more people and businesses to the city. With all of these factors it will create more jobs for people in Victoria.

Dale Fowler, president of the Victoria Economic Development Corporation

Victoria needs more manufacturing jobs. When there are more of these types of jobs that means more places such as restaurants and retail come in, which supplies more jobs for people in Victoria.

Randy Vivian, president of the Victoria Chamber of Commerce

I would love to see a Stein Mart because it is a store with upscale clothes at an affordable price, which would do well in this community.

Cathy Guerra, 42

A maternity store, because Victoria has no stores like this and women need it.

Lyndsey Tate, 28

More tool stores, because businesses like mine need a larger variety of specific tools.

Francisco Barbosa, 49

More fast food restaurant options in the mall food court, it would attract more people to come to the mall.

Bianca Jimenez, 20

Victoria needs more industrial business, because it will offer better paying jobs.

Irfan Motiwala, 39



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