Victoria's AT&T store gets first round of iPhone 4s


June 29, 2010 at 1:29 a.m.

A line of people stood outside Victoria's AT&T store, some talking with friends and others playing with phones, but all waiting for the doors to open.

The local store received its first round of iPhone 4s on Tuesday.

Customers began lining up at the door at 4:30 p.m. Monday and, when doors opened at 7 a.m. Tuesday, the line was 65 people long, said Mike Barger, an AT&T spokesman. Phones were available by first-come-first-served and, although the store ran out that morning, management assured customers a second shipment would be in about noon.

Jewel Buchanan arrived at 7:30 a.m. but didn't make the first round. She was still in line when the noon shipment arrived and said she was looking forward to replacing her previous iPhone, which was recently stolen.

"I just waited until the upgrade came out," the school librarian said.

The iPhone 4 boasts FaceTime, a video chat capability, Barger said. It also comes equipped with a better camera and HD video capabilities.

Erica Gonzalez used her iPhone to soothe her 3-month-old grandson, Aiden, as they waited in line. The phone, perched near his head, played the Owl City song "Fireflies" while she gently rocked him.

"When I get my new phone, this is his," the Victoria Regional Airport employee said, nodding toward the baby. "He likes the music and videos."

Madison Oaks, a 9-year-old who accompanied Gonzalez to help babysit, said she might not have an iPhone of her own, but enjoys playing games on them. Her favorite is Doodle Jump.

The iPhone apps are what drew two others to get the latest version.

Kevin Nurse, a Victoria chef, said he enjoys Epicurious, which provides him with recipes. Muhammad Khan, a Bryan pharmacist in Victoria for the day, said he enjoys medical applications, such as Medscape, which works as a drug and clinical reference guide.

Yoakum resident Mark Baker said he looked forward to using his phone during an upcoming family vacation to Canada. The GPS capabilities will help keep him on the right track.

This is Baker's first iPhone, he said, and it was time to upgrade.

"They're real neat with all the stuff they can do," the Invista employee said, smiling. "I'm excited."



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